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Preparing a White Collar Defense in Manassas

You should contact an attorney regarding a white collar crime charge the moment that you know that you are being investigated. There are steps that a lawyer can help you take even before you have been charged which will impact the defense of the case or even if charges get brought to court. In some cases, you may only find out about the charges once you have been arrested or served with warrants. At your first opportunity after that, you should reach out to seek counsel from a Manassas white collar lawyer to begin defending the case right away.

First Steps To Building a Defense

When preparing a defense against a white collar crime, a Manassas white collar lawyer is going to investigate all of the factual circumstances of the case. This is going to include interviewing the client, any witnesses that the client or the lawyer are aware of, and police investigators or detectives. In addition, the lawyer is going to conduct discovery and find out what information the government has and what kind of evidence it plans to use in prosecuting the case. A private investigator is frequently utilized.

Types of Evidence

There are a number of kinds of evidence that a defense attorney will use in defending a white collar charge. Some evidence will contain witness testimony, potentially including the testimony of the one being accused, as well as other witnesses or even the alleged victim. Many times in white collar offenses, because there is some allegation relating to the misuse or mishandling of money, there is going to be paper and/or electronic evidence, such as bank records, ledgers, and other types of computed evidence or compilations.

Benefits of An Attorney

It is important to deal with someone who has experience handling white collar cases as there are particular challenges, particular kinds of evidence, and particular prosecutorial tactics as well as defenses which are specialized for this kind of case. When facing something that serious, the defendant cannot afford for their case to be any attorney’s learning experience. For that reason, it is important to go with an experienced attorney who the client knows that they can trust and count on the as the person they are entrusting with this important matter.

Information to Provide to Your Attorney

When hiring a lawyer, you are going to want to have a lot of information readily available. First, you are going to want to know exactly what you are being charged with, and have whatever paperwork you have been given prepared for your attorney. You are going to want to have prepared a narrative, or some notes to record what you recall about the events in question, as well as to be able to notify your lawyer of any witnesses, any evidence, or anything else that might help your case so that they can begin your defense with a holistic understanding of the situation and surrounding facts.

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