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Mecklenburg County Assault Cases

After a person is arrested for assault, they are going to be brought before a magistrate. A warrant will be issued and served upon the accused and the magistrate will make a bail determination at that point as to whether or not the accused can either return home or be granted a bond to stay elsewhere. At that point, the paperwork will be filed with the court; a trial date will be set, which usually begins within 30 days of the arrest.

If you have been charged with assault, you should contact a dedicated team experienced with Mecklenburg County assault cases. A seasoned assault attorney could advocate for you and protect your rights.

How Should Someone Act When Being Arrested for Assault?

People should also be aware that by the time a law enforcement officer shows up on a scene to investigate a potential assault, emotions are running high and police will likely look more favorably upon the person who appears calm and level-headed in the presence of the officer.

It is important that the accused is careful not to say anything that could later incriminate them or be shown to be inconsistent in court. This can be accomplished by remaining calm and contacting an experienced local attorney. A legal representative could help limit the evidence that can be presented against the defendant in court and give the best opportunity to defend the accused.

What to Expect From an Assault Case

The assault case process typically takes about 30 days from arrest to trial. The arrest itself can take as long as an hour and a half by the time someone is transported and served with a warrant.

Everyone should expect that an assault case in Mecklenburg County will be a stressful period of time until the case is resolved. They should also expect to be in regular contact with their legal counsel to make sure that they are on the same page. The trial could take an hour, but the defendant should expect that they might have to spend a half-day in court waiting on their case to be heard and then tried.

Evidence in Mecklenburg County Criminal Cases

The evidence collected and presented by the prosecution includes the complaining witness testifying in regards to what they perceived and how they perceived the situation to unfold. Evidence also includes the law enforcement officer testifying in regards to any injuries observed and any statements made by the complaining witness or the accused. If the incident took place in a business or somewhere where there may be surveillance video, the video could be used as evidence.

How Seriously Does Mecklenburg County Law Enforcement Take Assault Cases?

Law enforcement officers in Mecklenburg County take assault cases very seriously. This is because these situations typically involve high emotions, which can escalate. Most assault charges are Class I misdemeanor and assault and battery charges are going to be Class I misdemeanors as well.

Assault charges can be intimidating for defendants because these cases are considered to be a violent crime. Due to this, there are collateral consequences with an assault conviction that could impact one’s employment, ability to rent an apartment, and own a firearm.

Call an Attorney About Your Mecklenburg County Assault Case

An assault charge can lead to significant penalties, which could include jail time and expensive fines. Other times the punishment could be as low as a suspended sentence but then a person still has an assault conviction and a violent conviction on their criminal history. A lawyer who is knowledgeable about Mecklenburg County assault cases could help you if you have been charged with assault. Call today.

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