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Mecklenburg Drug Penalties

Drug charges are serious offenses in Mecklenburg. The average felony drug charge carries 20 years for a first offense. If a person is in a situation where they have a record of drug use, drug possession, or drug distribution, they are looking at not being eligible for something like the first offender. A person is looking at penitentiary time for possession or if this is a second or third distribution, they are looking at life in prison. The drug laws are a good reason to be concerned if this is part of any type of felony drug possession with distribution.

As far as the misdemeanors, a person is not looking at a tremendous amount of time. There is still a stigma associated with drug use and they do not want their employer to see any type of possession charge. There have been issues with licenses that can have very negative effects on a lot of aspects of someone’s life. It is essential that someone speak with a knowledgeable attorney who can help them build a strong defense and determine the best course of action.

When someone is facing Mecklenburg drug penalties, they should attain an experienced drug lawyer who understands the local policies. They can review evidence and challenge prosecutor’s statements.

Serious Drug Consequences

Heroin is penalized more harshly than other drugs because the county is having so many problems relating to heroin. The judges are coming down harder. The judges and the prosecutors are trying to send a message because the fallout from heroin in Mecklenburg is particularly harsh for social services. A lot of children are being removed from parents who are addicted to heroin. It is a rural area and they do not have a lot of money, so it is a huge negative impact. They are trying to get the point across through the court that if a person uses heroin, they will be punished severely.

These scheduled drugs have a more negative connotation than marijuana or even crack and powder cocaine, which has been around Mecklenburg and Southern Virginia for a decade fairly consistently. Heroin causes a lot more overdoses. Local law enforcement and families are being a lot more affected by having to respond to overdoses.

Abused Prescription Drugs

Depending on the type of abuse, individuals can face Mecklenburg drug penalties for prescription drugs. If an individual who does not have a valid prescription is abusing, for instance, opioids, which are probably the most common right now for abuse, they will still try and work with the person as far as treatment. If abuse as far as a person has a prescription and is selling a portion of them, it used to be that judges did not sentence on prescription drug sales as harshly as they do for some crack or heroin.

However, that has started to change because fewer people are selling their prescriptions. There have been a large amount of break-ins in Mecklenburg involving people stealing other’s opioid prescriptions. A lot of crime in the area is related to opioid use, so when the judges run across someone who is contributing to that, they are dealt with harshly.

Hiring a Lawyer

There is a negative social stigma associated with almost all drug use, even in some contexts, prescription drug use. Any time a person is charged and is facing a potential lifelong criminal record, Virginia is not a state where they can get anything expunged that they have been found guilty of no matter how much time has passed. If a person is convicted, this will be on their criminal record until the day they die. If a person is interested in a number of different career paths, for example, if they ever want to go into the military, be a doctor, be a lawyer, if look into anything that requires professional licensing or background checks, they are going to be under enhanced scrutiny, even at the misdemeanor level. A person could be barred entirely; it can change an employer or community’s view of someone as a person.

It is essential that someone hires an experienced criminal attorney when they are facing drug charges. The negative social stigma of drug charges can hurt someone’s reputation. It is critical that you consult a lawyer and start building a strong defense case. There could be harsh Mecklenburg drug penalties if you are convicted of the drug charges.

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