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Short-Term Consequences of Mecklenburg Drug Charges

When a person is facing drug charges, they should know the potential short and long-term penalties. There are several short-term consequences of Mecklenburg drug charges. The penalties of drug charges can range depending on the type of drug that was found and the amount that the person had in possession.

A short-term consequence of drug charges is being arrested and going to jail until they face a judge and a bond is posted. The short-term consequence of focus is whether or not the person is going to be released pending trial. Studies show that the outcomes are significantly better for defendants who are released pending trials. They are more able to work with their attorney, prepare their defense, continue working, continue supporting their families, and continue meeting their obligations. It is critical that someone facing drug charges hires a knowledgeable lawyer who understands the potential penalties for these offenses.

Initial Consequences

The main short-term consequences of Mecklenburg drug charges is going to depend on whether or not they are granted a bond. They might be in jail. When a person is arrested on a summons, they are going to take them before a magistrate. The magistrate is going to determine, based on the type of crime, criminal record, and ties to the community, whether or not they are someone suitable for a bond and whether or not the type of crime they are charged with carries a presumption against a bond.

That is going to be the same process after the grand jury finds probable cause. It is the same process after that as it is right after someone is arrested on the side of the road. The person goes before the magistrate and everyone’s immediate concern is when they get to go home since some of these trials could be scheduled for six months to a year.

Felony vs Misdemeanor

A person is better off to be on misdemeanor level. The most common misdemeanor drug charge usually relates to marijuana in Virginia, so they are much more likely with a simple marijuana possession to get a bond. Unless a person is out on good behavior for murder, they are going to get a bond with marijuana possession. As far as moving up the drug ladder and getting into possession of heroin or crack, that type of possession is a hard serious drug with much more potentially negative impact on bond status.

Felony time is essentially the difference between jail time, half-time, misdemeanor time, and Department of Corrections’ time in Virginia, which a person has to serve 85% off for that. That is the difference between long-term consequences versus short term.

Hiring a Lawyer

When someone is facing drug-related offenses, it is critical that they speak with a dedicated attorney. There are serious consequences associated with a drug conviction. Unless you have extensive knowledge of the law, it is critical that they consult a lawyer. They can review your case, the evidence, and help you build a strong defense. It is essential that a person attains an experienced drug attorney. They can start building a strong defense, examine evidence, and challenge the bond.

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