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Mecklenburg Gun Arrests

A number of Mecklenburg gun arrests occur during traffic stops or are based on information provided to law enforcement. If you are facing an arrest, it is important for you to work with a qualified local attorney to ensure that you make your strongest case for release. Such a lawyer will be well equipped to guide and advise you through the legal process. This is especially helpful if it is your first time going through the system, which can be overwhelming.

Common Gun Arrest Scenarios

There is not any gang activity in the area that would result in a gun arrest. However, there are domestic disputes. Sometimes, the police get called to the scene of a domestic dispute, generally at night, generally on a weekend, and generally, there is alcohol involved. They show up because they have been dispatched and asked to get involved in an assault but when they go there to investigate the assault, they find a firearm. At that point, they are going to investigate who has a criminal record not only because of the assault but because of the firearm found. That is common.

In responding to other crimes, law enforcement will find firearms and, by virtue of that crime and the criminal record of a person, or by finding the gun and drugs, it will be an entirely separate charge from what they were actually called there for.

Speed of Law Enforcement Investigations

There are a lot of unregistered weapons in Mecklenburg. There are ways that a person can pass the firearm on through families without getting involved in the registration process so law enforcement is going to choose to arrest someone based on a gun charge at that moment. Local law enforcement does not run many large investigations before Mecklenburg gun arrests. Often, they investigate whether there is anything about that person that prevents them from having a firearm, and they will arrest right then if applicable.

If it is a charge solely based on eye-witness testimony or they have any hesitations about the information or about the possession, they might put it through the grand jury and let the grand jury decide if there is probable cause but frequently, they are going to arrest the person on the spot.

What to Expect at the Time of the Apprehension

During Mecklenburg gun arrests, the officer will often talk to apprehended party. A person should not say a word other than asking for an attorney. The majority of clients make statements to law enforcement. Law enforcement interacts with people in a way that people get the impression that their lives are going to be made harder if they do not cooperate which, short term, they will.

A person might get arrested on the spot as opposed after law enforcement takes a statement and gives it to the Commonwealth Attorney. When it comes to Mecklenburg gun arrests, a person is ultimately much better off in the long run if they do not talk to law enforcement.

Booking Process

Once the original apprehension has taken place, a person is going to be brought in for booking, where the first thing that will happen is that they are processed. Law enforcement is going to take the fingerprints of the individual. The magistrate to see if they are going to be granted a bond or whether or not they will be held pending trial or pending an appeal of a bond denial.

Bond Hearings

If a person receives a bond, they are not going to be dealing with their belongings being taken or changing into a jumpsuit, but their fingerprints will be taken, along with their mug shot. A lot of bond hearings are done over video. In those cases, a person has to wait for a magistrate to get online for some other jurisdiction to go through the facts of the case as alleged by the law enforcement officer. In addition, the magistrate will look at the previous record and history of failures to appear of the defendant.

Contacting an Attorney

Mecklenburg gun arrests can be intimidating and the subsequent process confusing. Working with a skilled and experienced lawyer is the best way to ensure that the right decisions are made so as to achieve the best possible outcome. If somebody has been arrested and they are in jail, they very likely cannot call an attorney. It is important to contact a lawyer in any way they can, even if it is a family member calling on their behalf. Someone should speak with legal counsel regarding the pending charges and upcoming case to begin the defense-planning process.

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