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Contacting a DUI Attorney in Newport News

In Newport News if somebody is charged with DUI, they won’t have the option of contacting an attorney until after they have been processed in a jail and been before a magistrate who will either issue a bond or deny a bond.

Therefore someone who is charged with a DUI should contact a Newport News DUI attorney as soon as possible, which will likely be right after this bond hearing. If the bond is denied, they will be allowed to contact an attorney to possibly get them a second bond hearing.

Can You Get a Lawyer For a Bond Hearing?

Yes and you should contact a lawyer for a bond hearing. An attorney can probably have a positive effect on you especially if you were denied a bond the first time.

Challenging Your License Suspension in Newport News DUIs

In Newport News, after you have been convicted of a DUI and your license has been suspended; you may challenge the suspension by filing a motion for review of administrative suspension with the Newport News general district court.

The only suspension you can challenge is the administrative suspension, which is what happens when your license is automatically suspended for 7 days after you are charged with a DUI and not convicted of a DUI. In order to challenge the suspension, you have to do it pretty much immediately. Otherwise, it won’t be relevant since the suspension only lasts for seven days.

That means you should contact an attorney as soon as possible if you need to keep your driving privileges during that seven day period.

Why Should I Hire a Local Newport News DUI Lawyer?

It is important to have a Newport News DUI attorney on your side because they are going to have experience with various rules and customs specific to court in Newport News. Someone who is a Newport News DUI attorney will be familiar with the judges and the police officers and ideally will have built positive relationships with these people so that they’ll go into court and be in from of somebody who already knows them to be trustworthy and reliable.

Newport News DUI attorneys also will know what to expect and what possible penalties are commonly used in the Newport News courthouse and will be able to relay this information to their clients. Newport News DUI attorneys know what the judges will or won’t accept and it will be a much better outcome for your case when you prepare it this way.

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