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In Norfolk, there is a much higher number of military personnel who get charged with DUIs than in other places around the country. Because of this, there also happen to be a higher number of DUIs taken to federal court because of arrests that occurred on a military base. The mere fact of being in the military can make the consequences of a DUI much more serious, since it can jeopardize one’s military career or security clearance.

One of the largest employers in Norfolk is the Department of Defense. There is also a fairly large naval base, a Coast Guard training center, an air force base, as well as several other military bases. A lot of people move to Norfolk specifically for military reasons, and due to having so much of Norfolk’s population involved in the military, there is also a higher rate of military charged with DUIs.

If you have been charged with DUI a Norfolk DUI lawyer is available to assist you and make sure the consequences associated with your charges are minimized as much as possible. Call today and schedule a free consultation.

Military Consequences to DUI Charges

Being in the military does not change the civilian penalties associated with a DUI conviction, but it can have harsher additional consequences sometimes within the military.  Not only do military personnel face civilian consequences, but they also could face additional consequences imposed by their chain of command, which can range from a reduction in pay rate or rank, to a discharge from the military altogether.

Security Clearances and DUI Charges

There are a lot of people with military security clearances in Norfolk. A DUI conviction can sometimes affect security clearances, so it is important to know all of the possible consequences that a conviction could bring, as well as the best approach to avoid those negative consequences.

Based in the District of Columbia, and with offices throughout Maryland and Virginia, the attorneys at our firm have a great deal of experience working with individuals who have sensitive security clearances. Whether that security clearance was issued by a military organization, or some other government agency like the NSA or FBI, we can help you to mitigate the consequences of a DUI charge by working quickly and discretely on your case.

Work With an Attorney Who Knows Norfolk

It is important to have an attorney with local experience in Norfolk because DUIs are a really big deal. They come with hard-hitting consequences and can result in a permanent conviction with massive effects on future opportunities, as well as current employment, security clearances, and driving privileges.

You don’t want to walk into court with just any old lawyer who happens to have handled DUIs in a completely different jurisdiction because he or she might not be aware of the differences between their personal jurisdiction and the legal climate in Norfolk.

Each court has its customs and rules and these tend to be unwritten and unspoken, and experienced Norfolk DUI attorneys are familiar with these rules and customs. They are also going to be more familiar with the judges and how each specific judge handles certain situations and they may be able to strike deals with the prosecutors if they have a good working relationship with them.

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