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Norfolk Speeding Ticket Lawyer

In Virginia there are a few different types of speeding offenses. These traffic infractions are general speeding and reckless driving. It is important to have an experienced Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer when facing these charges because the consequences of being convicted of a speeding ticket can be very dire. It is good to have someone who can help navigate the system and prepare the evidence in a way that is going to be effective in court. Judges hear traffic infraction hearings every day and are not likely to be sympathetic.

Highway speed traps are very common with State Troopers parked on the side of the highway usually out of the driver’s line of sight. The troopers use either RADAR or LIDAR to measure speeds of oncoming vehicles. An experienced speeding ticket attorney in Norfolk will know what questions to ask, what to look for in an officer’s testimony, and sometimes, if it is not possible to have the charge reduced or dismissed, they can negotiate to have the penalties be less severe.

Penalties for a Speeding Ticket

Speeding in Norfolk, Virginia is a traffic infraction. The penalties of this are a fine depending on how fast the speed was, as well as demerit points on the driver’s records. These points remain on the record for two years.

Other consequences of speeding tickets in Virginia in addition to a fine and demerit points are the effects that the demerit points can have. Demerit points can cause insurance premiums to rise and an accumulation of too many demerit points can also lead to a suspension of somebody’s driving privileges.

In Norfolk, reckless driving is a criminal offense that is separate from speeding. General speeding is a traffic infraction whereas reckless driving is a criminal charge. However, excessive speeding can lead to a reckless driving ticket. It is a type of speeding ticket, but it is also something more than just a speeding ticket.

Prepaying a Speeding Ticket

In Virginia, it is possible to prepay a speeding ticket whether it be online or through the mail or even in person. However, prepaying a speeding ticket rather than appearing in court for the speeding ticket is the same thing as appearing in court to plead guilty.

While a person charged with a speeding ticket is not required to show up in court for that charge, this is not the best option in this scenario because it removes the opportunity to have the ticket reduced to a lesser charge or dismissed altogether.

Speeding Infractions for Out-of-State Drivers

The best thing that an out of state driver can do when facing a speeding ticket in Virginia is to get a local Norfolk speeding ticket attorney to help them prepare for their case. This gives them the opportunity to have their charges reduced or dismissed by fighting them in court but also gives them the opportunity to have someone appear for them so that they don’t have to come to Virginia to answer these charges.

Importance of a Norfolk Speeding Ticket Lawyer

It is important to seek the aid of an aggressive Norfolk speeding ticket lawyer because they know the law, but they are also going to step up and present their knowledge in a confident manner, working to make sure that their client’s rights are heard in court. It is important to have someone who can clearly explain their client’s side to the judge in an effective way and won’t back down when it seems like the police officer or the judges are not siding with them.

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