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Domestic violence allegations are no small matter as they have the potential to negatively impact everyone involved. These charges can come from an argument, a misunderstanding, or even an accident. Whatever the reason, if you are facing household abuse charges, you need to find an experienced NoVa domestic violence lawyer immediately. Our criminal defense attorneys could help prepare a defense and work hard to protect your rights and freedom.

How are Domestic Violence Charges Unique from Other Assaultive Crimes?

In Virginia, domestic violence falls into the category of assault, however, there are some key differences that affect potential judicial repercussions. First, family violence is considered an assault on an individual that resides within the same residence.

Additionally, someone with a history of domestic abuse may face more severe repercussions. While a second and third conviction carry the same penalties in other assaultive crimes, an individual’s third domestic violence conviction carries a Class 6 felony charge if it has occurred within a twenty-year period since an individual’s last conviction. Our NoVa attorneys could help prepare a defense for someone who is facing domestic violence charges.

Penalties for Family Violence in NoVa

Those convicted of domestic violence for the first-time face a fine of no more than $2,500 and no more than a year in jail. If a person is convicted a third time, however, it can carry more serious consequences. As mentioned before, a third conviction results in a Class 6 felony. Under this charge, an individual could be subject to a fine of $2,500 and also face upwards of five years in prison.

Another consequence is the loss of firearm privileges. This is a federally imposed ban that carries a significant impact on one’s life, especially if they are required to carry a gun as a part of their occupation. A NoVa attorney could help someone accused of domestic violence avoid or minimize the potential penalties of this crime.

No-Contact Orders in Domestic Abuse Cases

Not only can a household abuse allegation put someone in jail or prison, it can also have a detrimental effect on the accused’s relationship with their family.

For instance, domestic abuse cases often result in no-contact orders that prevent the accused individuals from being in communication with the alleged victim. When this type of order is in place the defendant may not try to reach out to the petitioner through any means including texts, emails, phone calls, and social media. Because domestic violence cases involve individuals who typically live together, if a no contact order is in place, the accused has to figure out new living arrangements.

These orders often extend to children, meaning that an accused individual may not have access to their children for the extent of the court order. A NoVa lawyer could help someone fight a no-contact order during a domestic violence case.

Speak with a NoVa Domestic Violence Attorney

If you are facing charges of abusive behavior against a family member, you should schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable and experienced NoVa domestic violence lawyer to begin handling your case. Having an attorney to advocate on your behalf could provide you with a more satisfactory result in court.  For more information about how we could help you with your case, call today.

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