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When facing a charge or conviction for the commission of a crime, you should retain a defense attorney to handle your case. Not only could a legal professional guide you throughout the process but they could also provide advocacy and protection for your rights. Therefore, if you have been recently charged or convicted of a crime, seek the legal representation of a NoVa criminal defense lawyer. Our dedicated attorneys in NoVa could improve your chances of succeeding in your case.

What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do?

Our team specializes in providing excellent legal defense for those who are charged or convicted of committing a criminal offense. Additionally, our legal professionals represent not only individuals charged with criminal activity but business entities as well. Some of the duties our NoVa criminal defense attorneys could help an accused individual with include conducting research, analyzing the facts of a case, and engaging in negotiations for plea bargain or settlement.

Differences Between Defense Attorneys in NoVa and Public Defenders

Although public defenders and defense lawyers in NoVa may seem similar, there are significant differences between the two that should be considered when contemplating retaining representation in a criminal case. One of the considerable differences between the two is the scope of their employment.

Public defenders are court-appointed lawyers who work for the state or local government and are typically assigned to those who cannot afford legal representation to defend them in their criminal case. They offer such services as part of every American citizen’s right to a fair trial, which includes the right to have legal representation when being charged or convicted of a crime. Those who can afford representation, which is typically established by a judge and the time of the initial hearing, are free to obtain attorneys who work for a private firm.

It is important to note that because both can serve in the same role in a criminal case, each is bound by the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct, as well as the Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct. As such, both are obligated to provide any legal services that they must complete to the best of their ability.

Contact a NoVa Criminal Defense Attorney for Help

Whether it is the first criminal charge or conviction you are facing or an additional offense recently entered on your record, finding the right legal professional to represent you can be a challenging endeavor to undergo. While a public defense attorney may be sufficient in some cases, for others a private-practice attorney may be a more appropriate fit.

If you or someone close to you was criminally charged or convicted, do not hesitate to reach out to a NoVa criminal defense lawyer. Our team is prepared to help you through this stressful and challenging time. For more information on the scope of the services that an experienced attorney in private practice could provide, call to schedule a risk-free consultation with one of our team members today.

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