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The ability for judges and juries to trust the testimony and sworn statements they receive is a foundational part of the state’s justice system. Because of this, legal authorities take allegations of breaching an oath extremely seriously and often prosecute defendants to the fullest extent that state statutes allow for.

If you have been accused of dishonesty in a courtroom setting or within a statement you made under oath, speak with a NoVa perjury lawyer as soon as possible. Without guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney, you likely have slim odds of avoiding a negative case outcome and the severe criminal and personal repercussions that could come from a conviction.

Actions Considered Perjury in NoVa

According to Code of Virginia § 18.2-434, there are three core elements that make a violation of oath charge valid: the person willfully testified, that testimony had a notable impact, and they said it while knowing it was false.

Willfully Testified

The defendant must have said something willfully under oath or written something in a sworn statement that was demonstrably untrue.

Material Impact

The false statement in question must have been “material” to the legal matter it was involved in, meaning that it had a significant impact on how that case would ultimately be resolved.

Knowingly False

The defendant must have made their statement purposefully while knowing that it was untruthful.

VA Code § 18.2-435 states that if an individual knowingly and intentionally gives conflicting testimonies under oath regarding the same legal matter, that qualifies as grounds for a criminal charge of perjury. VA Code § 18.2-436 likewise establishes that someone who induces another person to violate an oath on their behalf may be punished upon conviction the same way that they would be if convicted of perjury themselves.

Defense strategies for perjury allegations generally revolve around disproving the existence of one or more of the elements. The prosecution may not secure a conviction without proving that all three apply to a particular defendant’s actions. A qualified perjury defense attorney in NoVa could provide irreplaceable assistance in collecting evidence and making a compelling case to combat the prosecution’s arguments.

Consequences of a Perjury Conviction

Violating an oath is a Class 5 felony offense. A conviction is punishable by a prison sentence of one to 10 years regardless of the legal matter that the defendant perjured themselves over or their prior criminal history. Criminal courts have the authority to impose alternative maximum penalties of one year in jail and a $2,500 fine upon individuals convicted of Class 5 felonies if they so choose.

In addition to other long-term consequences of a felony record like the loss of civil rights and restrictions on firearm ownership, state law also explicitly prohibits anyone convicted of perjury from holding “any office of honor, profit or trust under the Constitution of Virginia” or serving on a jury. Avoiding these and other long-term repercussions of a perjury offense could be much easier with guidance from a qualified NoVa perjury defense attorney.

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Even an accidental misstatement or omission of pertinent facts could have disastrous consequences if the state deems that it qualifies as a breach of oath. Although it is possible to contest these kinds of charges on their merits and potentially achieve a favorable resolution to criminal proceedings, it rarely happens without help from proactive attorneys.

A knowledgeable NoVa perjury lawyer could be the ally you need to protect your rights if you are facing this type of accusation. Schedule a consultation by calling us today.

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