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Solicitation is the attempt to pay for sexual favors or sexual contact in exchange for cash or some other form of payment. Solicitation is a crime that carries penalties and may remain on your permanent record. Prosecutors aggressively prosecute prostitution-related charges, including solicitation in Northern Virginia. If a criminal court finds you guilty of this crime, you could face harsh penalties. The penalties could include a steep fine and even time in jail. If the solicitation charge involves a minor, then the penalties could increase significantly. With the help of a NoVa solicitation lawyer, you could build a solid defense and work for the best potential outcome in court. Our criminal defense attorneys are here to protect your reputation, rights, and freedom.

What is Solicitation?

According to Virginia Code § 18.2-346, any individual who offers money to engage in sexual acts is guilty of soliciting prostitution. If a court finds someone guilty of solicitation, they may receive a Class 1 misdemeanor on their permanent record. Under this code, the person may also face up to 12 months in jail and up to $2,500 in fines. The court can use every action in which a defendant shows they have the intention to go through with the sexual transaction as evidence of this crime. Even if, after cash exchanged hands, officers interrupted the act, they can still use that as evidence against the defendant in court. The indication that an individual intended to go through with the crime may be enough for a guilty verdict. Anyone facing a solicitation charge should seek legal assistance from a lawyer in NoVa to discuss what the best defense strategies may be in their case.

Possible Defense in Solicitation Cases

There are many possible defenses a defendant, and their NoVa attorney can raise when faced with a solicitation charge. One of the most common defense strategies is insufficient evidence or lack of intent. To receive a conviction the prosecution must prove that the defendant intended to solicit a prostitute. Therefore, a defendant could argue that because no offer was made or that no money was exchanged they had no intention of committing this crime. If there is no evidence proving otherwise, the court would have to drop the charges.

There is also the possibility of using entrapment as a defense. If a person feels an officer persuaded them into committing a crime they would not have otherwise engaged in, they could argue a defense of entrapment. A NoVa attorney who is knowledgeable of the various solicitation defenses and could determine which strategy may provide the best outcome.

Call a NoVa Solicitation Attorney for Advice

Accusations of solicitation can be a shock to your entire life, including your family, your colleagues, and your friends. If you face accusations or charges of soliciting a prostitute, the potential for damage to your life is significant. You could face a jail sentence, fines, loss of your job, and damage your reputation.

While the outcomes may vary depending on the details of every case, contacting a seasoned NoVa solicitation lawyer is vital to help build a strong defense strategy. For more information about how our legal team could help you, call today.

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