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Defending Assault Charges in Prince William County

If you were accused of assault in Prince William County, you may be facing serious charges. Assault is an offense that is heavily frowned upon in the criminal justice system.

Dealing with such an offense can be extremely stressful. Fortunately, contacting an assault lawyer immediately could have a positive impact on your case. Experienced lawyers are skilled at defending assault charges, and they could put their knowledge to work on your behalf.

What to do After Being Charged with Assault

After an individual is charged with assault, there are three steps they should follow. Firstly, they should obtain a copy of the criminal complaint that was filed with the court. Secondly, they should gather and copy any relevant evidence pertaining to the assault, and finally, they should call a lawyer who could help them with their case.

Evidence Used by Defense Attorneys

The evidence that a criminal attorney could use when defending assault charges in Prince William County includes:

  • Police Reports
  • Witness accounts
  • Footage and photographs
  • Victim’s testimony
  • Victim’s injuries

An assault defense attorney could use this information to decipher if any of the evidence can be used against the alleged victim. Any inconsistencies between the evidence found and the alleged victim’s testimony could be used to prove that they are not a credible source.

In addition, an alleged victim’s prior criminal history involving combative or violent offenses might also be useful evidence to gather and present. Criminal history often decreases the credibility of the alleged victim.

Arguments Used by Defense Attorneys

There are several types of arguments used for defending assault charges in Prince William County. The most common defense is that the incident did not take place. Another counter-argument is that the assault was an act of self-defense or was necessary to defend another person. A less frequent defense strategy is that the alleged victim’s perception of the assault is unreasonable.

Consensual Assault

A divergent argument used by lawyers is that the offense was consensual. Consensual assaults and batteries often occur in the context of arranged fights, or in mutual combat situations. They can also occur within intimate relationships.

How Soon Should A Person Contact an Attorney?

A person can and should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. Defending assault charges in Prince William County is not easy. The sooner an individual is represented by counsel, the sooner their attorney could start the cumbersome process of acquiring, generating, and examining the evidence in the case.

Contact a Prince William County Assault Attorney Today

If you were charged with assault, contact a Prince William County attorney immediately. Assault charges are very serious in nature, and a conviction can lead to fines or even jail time.

This can be a difficult situation to handle on your own. In order to increase your chances of successfully defending assault charges in Prince William County, you want to have the right attorney by your side. An experienced defense lawyer may be able to counter your charges and fight for a favorable outcome to your case.

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