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A drug manufacturing offense is when someone creates an illegal drug. This could include growing marijuana plants or cooking crystal meth. Individuals arrested for drug manufacturing are looking at severe penalties such as imprisonment, expensive fines, and other long-term consequences.

If you have been charged with drug manufacturing, contact a dedicated and seasoned drug attorney as soon as possible. A Prince William County drug manufacturing lawyer could advocate on your behalf and possibly help you avoid serious penalties. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.

Drug Manufacturing Offenses Could Carry Other Charges

The legal definition of manufacturing is broad enough to not only include the cultivation or creation of an illegal drug but also the packaging or repackaging of such drugs. This means that sometimes drug manufacturing charges fall within their own dedicated statutes and sometimes they are grouped with other distribution-related offenses in joint statutes. Therefore, an individual arrested for drug manufacturing could also face charges for possession or distribution. This could lead to harsher penalties, which is why defendants should obtain a drug manufacturing attorney in Prince William County right away.

Accomplices to Drug Manufacturing

Any individual who aids the manufacturer of drugs can be charged as a manufacturing accomplice. The law usually allows for accomplices to be punished just as severely as the primary perpetrator. However, accomplices tend to receive less punishment, depending on how marginal their role was. Law enforcement is often interested in turning accomplices against principal perpetrators in terms of testifying at a trial in exchange for a better plea deal.

Federal and Local Drug Laws

An individual can be arrested for something that violates federal law if the arresting personnel are federal in nature. Local and state law enforcement tends to divert their attention to other activities that violate Virginia law, but they might still notify federal law enforcement if they observe federal violations. Furthermore, the US Supreme Court has ruled that it is not unconstitutional for state or local law enforcement to arrest people for violations of federal law even if the same conduct does not violate that state’s law. It is possible for someone arrested for a drug manufacturing offense to also face federal charges.

How Do Prosecutors in Prince William County Treat Drug Manufacturing Charges?

Prince William County, like almost every other jurisdiction in Virginia, aggressively prosecutes drug manufacturing charges out of a concern for public safety. Drug manufacturing is not an offense that is taken lightly. Therefore, defendants should make sure they have an accomplished Prince William County drug manufacturing lawyer who has experience building successful defenses and knows how to negotiate with the prosecutors.

Contacting a Prince William County Drug Manufacturing Attorney

A drug manufacturing offense is one of the most serious types of drug charges. The penalties are severe and prosecutors work hard to convict defendants. If you are facing drug manufacturing charges, reach out to a well-established criminal defense attorney. A Prince William County drug manufacturing lawyer could fight for you. Call today and set up a consultation. The sooner you call, the sooner an attorney could begin building a defense for you.

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