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Medical Attention Following a Prince William County DUI

If someone is pulled over for drinking and driving, they may be arrested and face DUI charges. A law enforcement official can duct tests to determine if someone needs medical attention due to drunk driving in Prince William County. A person has the right to receive medical attention following a PWC DUI.

If you need to receive medical attention following a Prince William County DUI, it is essential that you attain an experienced attorney who can build a strong defense. A defense attorney should definitely play on if the person seeks medical attention especially somebody who performs poorly in field sobriety tests with perhaps a complaint that they need medical attention. It is important to consult a local attorney if you are facing drunk driving charges.

Determining of Someone Needs

After a person is arrested for a DUI, they can receive medical attention if the officers determine that medical attention is necessary. Police officers should be trained to detect when a person is in medical distress. They do receive tests and so they will look at the person’s outward appearance. They will look at what the person is saying happened to themselves, whether or not the individual person requested medical attention and if they got any injuries. They take all of this into consideration and then they will make the decision of whether or not to request medical attention.

Building a Defense

Certainly, if somebody was complaining of the medical ailment of some physical disability and they can receive medical attention following a PWC DUI. Their performance on any physical field sobriety test or otherwise the observation to them will certainly be tainted by the fact that there could have been this underlying medical issue that could have been causing that and we will never know because the officer did not call the doctor.

It injects a certain amount of reasonable doubt into the investigation. As well that there is an issue when somebody just received medical attention especially after an accident and then they are forced to perform field sobriety tests, That is something that is going to essentially cause officer liability or potentially government liability if that person, later on, suffers a much more serious medical situation because of the fact that they did not receive attention right away.

Outcomes if Someone Receives Medical Attention

There are a million ways it can hurt or help a person if they refuse medical attention following a PWC DUI. Medical attention can certainly help them because it could explain some of the reasons that the field sobriety tests, if they were asking the way they did, if they are looking the way that they did, and could hurt them because the doctor can find out that they are fine so none of the things that they were complaining about actually had any effect on the performance on these field sobriety tests or their outward appearance.

Certainly, there is also the idea that when someone refuses medical attention, they are entitled to privacy rights as a result of refusing that medical attention. Even though the person’s doctor may release that information to an officer or maybe, say, how they felt that they are drunk, they are not allowed to. They are not allowed to make statements outside of their defense to a person’s medical records or to their medical treatment records. The doctors could potentially be violating a person’s HIPAA rights by speaking to the officers.

Benefits of a Lawyer

Somebody who refuses medical attention that was charged with a DUI should contact a Virginia criminal defense attorney for the same reason that anyone every charged with a DUI should contact Virginia criminal defense attorneys. A person cannot defend a DUI by themself. A person does not fight a DUI by themself because they are so intricate and they are so difficult to take apart unless they know what they are doing and the results are so grave.

For a first offense, it is up to 12 months in jail and one-year license suspension, up to a $2,500.00 fine so this is nothing that a person would want to mess around about even removing the fact that the person has a criminal record for the rest of the person’s life if they are convicted but a person needs to tell a criminal defense attorney because they need to have them help them pull their case apart and then if it is a medical situation that is combined with the DUI, that is something that makes everything a lot worse so that will potentially be even harder to explain. A person needs a defense attorney who is going to be able to organize and orchestrate everything.

If someone receives medical attention following a PWC DUI, it is important that they speak with a seasoned attorney and give them all evidence and medical records. If you are facing drunk driving charges, it is essential that you attain a skilled lawyer who can assist you through this process and ensure that your legal rights are protected.

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