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Prince William County Underage DUI Penalties 

Prince William County underage DUI penalties are treated harshly. The courts will not easily let the issue go. They will want to prevent the person from getting another DUI in the future. In order to do that, the person might spend some time in jail or a judge or prosecution might ask if the underage individual needs jail time to prevent them from driving intoxicated again. The process will not be easy, but, fortunately, an experienced Prince William County DUI attorney is here to help. Contact one today to see what you can do about DUI penalties as an underage individual.

Underage DUI vs. Standard DUI Cases

Underage DUI cases in Prince William County are handled just as seriously as a standard DUI case and they are easier to prove than a standard DUI. They have to prove a 0.02 BAC or above, which is pretty to prove.  It is harder to take an underage DUI case to trial and win than a standard DUI case because a 0.02 BAC level is easy to prove.

If a person is between 18 and 21, the case is going to be heard in the general district court. If they are under 18, it is going to be heard in juvenile and domestic relations court. It is important to understand that all courts will treat a Prince William County underage DUI penalties very harshly.

Underage Sentences vs. Standard Sentences

The penalties for an underage DUI in Prince William County is usually similar to a standard DUI. It depends on the person’s criminal history. It depends on what the person’s facts are and the casework. The underage DUI is still considered a Class 1 misdemeanor, so it is still the same misdemeanor DUI as a standard DUI.

A person will lose their license, like in a standard DUI case. However, an underage individual experiencing a DUI will face a mandatory minimum of a $500 fine or hours of community service.This is different from a regular DUI. A regular DUI could give somebody a $50 fine if, which often does not happen.

More Penalties for an Underage DUI

The other aspect that is treated differently is multiple convictions. Whenever a person’s second DUI or their third DUI occurs, there are certain laws that give mandatory minimums or take an individual’s license for a longer period of time. This is not the same for an underage DUI.

For example, a second underage DUI within five years is going to be a mandatory minimum of 20 days. However, the underage DUI often times does not count toward the accumulation to other DUIs. If an individual is convicted of an underage DUI and they get a DUI within five years, the court will not count it as a second within five.

Consulting with a Prince William County Attorney

One of the most important actions a person can take when facing an underage DUI is to contact a professional Prince William County DUI attorney. If you want to mitigate or reduce your underage DUI penalties, it is a wise decision to call a lawyer. A Prince William County attorney will work with you to obtain a favorable outcome.

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