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DUI Probation Violation in Prince William County 

Violations of a DUI probation can be serious in Prince William County. A person can receive probation for violating an existing probation. It depends on who the judge is, what the new offense was, what the old offense was, and the person’s behavior during probation. Were they following the judge’s orders, were they following the probation officer’s order, was the person otherwise compliant, and did the person pay all of their court costs? These are all questions to consider, and if the answer to all this is, “yes,” then they could continue the person on probation. A qualified Prince William County DUI attorney will know more about the matter.

Conditions for Probation

Typical probation conditions are actions like checking with a probation officer, urine screens, substance abuse evaluation, and substance abuse sampling. The person’s license can be suspended depending on what the charge is.  Sometimes the person has to pay restitution. There are all sorts of things that could be part of probation. It depends on what a person is initially charged with, but violating probation conditions for a DUI in Prince William County is serious.

Acquittal and Probation

If a person is acquitted in a DUI case, the probation could still continue. If a person was on probation for something else, they could violate the person and they might even write a violation letter subpoena. However, the judge who decided whether or not to violate the person is going to handle the new case.

Accused of a DUI

Being accused of a DUI is enough to be considered a violation of probation in some cases in Prince William County. It can be unfair and it can be appealed, but it does happen.

Severity of DUI on Probation

A violation of DUI probation is always going to be a serious matter. There is no time that a person can be on probation for anything and it will not be a serious matter, but if a person is on probation for a DUI and they pick up another DUI, that can be the worst-case scenario. The person is facing a second DUI within five years and it means that the person did not learn their lesson the first time around.

Penalties for DUI while on Probation

Penalties for violating a DUI probation in Prince William County include going back to all or part of the time. It depends on what the underlying charge is for probation.

Hiring a Prince William County DUI Attorney

While violating a DUI probation in Prince William County is a serious matter, an experienced lawyer can help you through a case. There are certain mitigation strategies and if a person was complying with all the rules of their probation, a lawyer can build a good profile for them so that the judge sees that. There are actions that a lawyer and an individual can take, but a person should not wait. If there is even an accusation of a violation, they should call an attorney today to see what they can do.

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