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Transporting Firearms in Prince William County

Virginia gun laws can be overwhelming and complex to understand, especially when someone wishes to transport their firearm safely—or when they have already been charged with an infraction. Fortunately, a skilled attorney could discuss the logistics of transporting a firearm with a gun owner who is looking to travel safely with their weapon.

Furthermore, anyone accused of wrongfully transporting a weapon might also benefit from the counsel of a dedicated lawyer during this troubling time. Regardless of the circumstances, getting legal guidance could be essential for any gun owner in Virginia.

Why Would a Someone Need to Transport Their Fire?

There are many reasons why someone may want to transport a gun in Prince William County. One common scenario could involve a person traveling through the county with a firearm when trying to get to another location. Another possible reason for transporting a weapon would if a gun owner needs to take it to a venue where it can be sold, gifted, displayed, used, or repaired.

How to Legally Transport a Gun

To safely carry firearms into Prince William County, a gun owner must first confirm that they are legally allowed to possess the specific type of firearm and ammunition they wish to transport. They should then ensure that they have stored their firearm and ammunition properly and in a safe place during transport.

A firearm is exempt from the state’s requirement for a concealed carry permit if someone transports the weapon in a vehicle. The gun owner must properly secure their firearm in a container or compartment within the vehicle, such as in a glove box, center console, or trunk. The compartment does not have to be locked and can be within reach of the driver and passengers. Furthermore, the law does not specifically require the container to be part of the vehicle itself, so long as it is sufficiently secured.

However, if someone is traveling between their home and another location to repair their firearm, it must be unloaded during transport. If a person wants to transport a gun between states legally, they should ensure that they comply with each state’s firearm possession laws whenever they enter a different state with the out-of-state firearm.

Situations When Transportation of a Firearm is Unlawful

Transportation of a firearm is unlawful when a person who is prohibited from possessing a gun is found transporting one—or when a person who is not allowed to possess a concealed firearm is found traveling with a gun in an unapproved concealed manner. It is important to note that when law enforcement charges someone with illegally traveling with a firearm in Prince William County, that person might face additional charges as well.

For example, convicted felons who have not had their firearm rights restored, people who are under the effect of a protective order based on acts of domestic abuse, and involuntarily hospitalized individuals who suffer from mental health issues may never travel with a weapon. Because penalties for offenses at this level could be severe, anyone who has been accused should consider reaching out to a well-versed attorney immediately for assistance.

Penalties For Illegally Traveling with a Gun

There are generally no unique penalties for the unlawful transportation of a firearm, beyond the penalties for unlawful possession of the same firearm. However, there are specific penalties if someone unlawfully transports a weapon with the intention to give this firearm to someone who is prohibited from possessing it. This offense is a Class 4 felony punishable between two and ten years in prison.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Traveling with Firearms in Prince William County

The laws surrounding traveling with a gun are extremely nuanced and can be difficult to understand if someone is not familiar with the state-specific laws. As a result, if you have been charged with unlawfully transporting a gun, you should contact an attorney to discuss your charges and the laws related to transporting firearms in Prince William County. Schedule a case consultation today.

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