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Speed Traps in Prince William County

Speed traps are often used by law enforcement to catch drivers going over the speed limit. Speed traps are placed strategically around certain areas, including high-traffic locations, and at the bottoms of hills. Because speeding is taken very seriously in Prince William County, it is also punished more harshly.

An experienced Prince William County speeding ticket lawyer can help you navigate a speeding ticket from a speed trap, and inform you of next steps to take.

Speed traps are not illegal in Virginia. Virginia is very proud of the fact that it is among the 10 states with the lowest highway death rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

Virginia is one of the harshest states on speeders, and law enforcement sees that as a positive rather than a negative. Because of the results of strict enforcement and tough laws, being caught in a speed trap is not going to help someone’s defense at all. The judges will see them being taken off the road while driving unsafely as a good thing.

Speed Traps in Prince William County

A speed trap is generally an area of the road which is heavily monitored for speed-limit violations by law enforcement. Speed traps tend to be strategically placed, usually with the officer hidden from immediate view and in areas where speeding is common. Most of the time when people are referring to a speed trap, they are talking about a hidden police officer using his radar gun to monitor the passing traffic.

There are different kinds of speed traps depending on the requirement of the location. People should know that speed traps in Prince William County are mostly unavoidable. They are not illegal here, so they are going to be found all throughout the state and officers definitely utilize them to the maximum potential.

Sometimes, the officers wait in areas where the speed limits drops, in anticipation of drivers who have not lowered their speed to the new limit yet. Officers can also wait on roads where speeding is more prevalent, such as at the bottom of a hill or at the end of a long stretch of straight highway.

Purpose of Speed Traps

The answer to this will vary depending on who is asked. Some people argue that the purpose is to extract revenue while others say that the speed traps are set up in problem areas for safety reasons.

In reality, it is probably a combination of both. Sometimes, when there are multiple accidents in an area, officers will be more vigilant there and that could be considered a speed trap. However, sometimes there are roads where the speed limits seem to be a little bit too low for the area and it is easier to see why revenue rather than safety would be a likely culprit.

When Speed Changes Occur in Prince William County

The speed limit technically changes at the point of the sign. Drivers can see the sign in advance, which gives them ample time to adjust their speed. Sometimes there are even signs warning that there is a reduction in speed up ahead, which means that drivers should be slowing down well in advance of the actual speed limit change. Claiming to have not seen the sign is not an excuse either, because everyone who drives in Virginia is required to pass an eye exam.

If a driver does not pass, then they are required to wear glasses or contact lenses whenever they drive. There is no reason why someone who is driving should be unable to see the signs and have enough time to slow down.

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