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Assault with serious injury goes beyond simple assault. In these cases, there has been significant damage done to the victim. Damage may include broken bones, deep lacerations, and other injuries. Because assault with serious injury is a felony charge, it can have serious impact on a person’s current and future living situation, including employment and housing. Potential employers may not want to hire a person who has a felony charge or conviction on their record. Contacting a Richmond assault attorney should be the first step a person facing these charges will take, as this can help to mitigate the more serious consequences of having an assault charge on their permanent record.

Definition of Assault with Significant Injury

A significant injury assault case in Richmond is referred to as a malicious wounding case. The injury is anything that results in significant harm, requires hospitalization, and/or ongoing treatment. The injury can be as simple as a concussion or as serious as a fractured skull or something more critical.

The difference between an assault and a Richmond assault with significant injury or malicious wounding case is the damage done to the victim. With a basic assault case, the injury can be anything from no harm at all to a bruise or scratch. With a significant injury or malicious wounding case, the injuries may be deep lacerations, a broken nose, a broken bone, and things of that nature. Because the injuries associated with a case like this is much more serious in comparison, the penalties for this charge are also much more serious.

Penalties for an assault with a significant injury or malicious wounding case include active incarceration. It is a Class 2 felony in the state of Virginia and may result in several years penitentiary time if a person is convicted.

Evidence that Must be Obtained

In a Richmond assault with significant injury or malicious wounding case, an attorney obtains evidence regarding the injuries to determine if they rise to the level of significant injury or malicious wounding. Next, the attorney takes statements from all the witnesses who saw or heard about what occurred. The attorney also gets statements from the victim. Finally, the attorney identifies any sort of character witnesses.

How a Richmond Assault with Significant Injury Attorney Will Help

A Richmond assault with serious injury lawyer who is handling a malicious wounding case has a very significant role. Their job is to cross-examine any witnesses that may testify against their client. The lawyer also cross-examines the victim to try to impeach their testimony.

In addition, if the lawyer is raising a defense of self-defense or questioning whether the injuries were significant, the individual needs an experienced attorney who can attempt to refute this evidence. In addition, the person needs an experienced attorney who may be able to mitigate punishment and negotiate a plea agreement to a reduced charge that does not result in a felony conviction. This charge is a felony and thus, the penalties associated with it are very serious. A local attorney who has practiced in the area can bring specific knowledge and personal experience to your case.

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