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The marijuana laws in Richmond are much like they are throughout the rest of the state. Although marijuana is not as much of a priority as it has been in past years, a person can be charged with a DUI as a result of impaired behavior due to marijuana while operating a motor vehicle. This will result in the officer obtaining a blood test to use as evidence. Consulting with a Richmond marijuana DUI attorney is an important step when facing Richmond DUI drug charges. A lawyer will know the ways in which a blood test can be challenged, and how to potentially mitigate the penalties, in the case of a conviction.

Marijuana-Related Drug Cases

Marijuana drug cases in general are not as severe as other drug cases. Due to changing opinions on marijuana, Richmond and Virginia courts will often consider alternative sentencing on marijuana cases. However, regarding a DUID case, the penalties are very similar to those in a DUI case.

While decriminalization of marijuana in some states has affected the state of Virginia’s position on marijuana, it has not changed its position on driving under the influence cases relating to impairment from drugs. If a person is operating a vehicle impaired and that impairment is determined to be due to marijuana, the person will be actively charged with a DUID.

As a result of a marijuana DUI case, a person can receive charges not only for the DUI, but also a marijuana possession charge, which can result in either a misdemeanor or a felony conviction. That is why an attorney is so valuable in drug DUI cases. A person would be facing charges for multiple criminal offenses and could be facing very severe penalties. Both of these charges should be addressed with the aid of a local marijuana DUI attorney in Richmond.

Prosecution in Richmond

With DUID cases in Richmond, it is more common to see harder drugs being prosecuted as opposed to marijuana. In most cases, prosecution is going to be the result of prescription drugs, cocaine, and/or crystal-meth. In many cases, police officers will not pursue a DUID case involving marijuana as vigilantly as other controlled substances. In comparison they will almost always strongly pursue a DUID case if it involves prescription drugs or illegal drugs like cocaine or heroin.

Penalties for a marijuana DUI in Richmond can potentially be lessened with the assistance of a Richmond pot DUI lawyer, but they can be as serious as twelve months in jail, up to a $2,500 fine, and a twelve-month loss of license.

Importance of Hiring a Lawyer for Marijuana DUI

It is important to obtain a Richmond that has familiarity with both DUI cases and marijuana cases, especially because the main piece of evidence that the state will use will be a drug test. An individual charged with marijuana DUI will need an attorney who understands how to challenge blood tests, as well as the procedure that is required to perform one correctly. Additionally, because these cases typically involve two potential criminal offenses, it is crucial to hire a lawyer who understands both the charges and their laws.

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