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Hiring a Lawyer for a Richmond Stalking Case

Stalking can be a very serious offense with significant consequences and penalties. One method that a lawyer might take in preparing a defense to a stalking charge, would be to prove that not all of the elements of the crime were met. For instance, a lawyer will attempt to show that the contacts made by the individual accused were not made with the intent to threaten or scare. An attorney may also try to impeach the testimony of the alleged victim to determine whether what they are claiming is valid and if the statements they have given are truthful. Regardless of the method taken in defense, it is advisable to have legal counsel when facing charges as potentially serious as stalking charges. A Richmond stalking lawyer who knows the local courts can be a very effective way of defending against stalking charges.

Benefits of Having a Local Attorney

If a person is charged with stalking, it is in their best interest to obtain a lawyer. In particular, the lawyer should be local to Richmond, have an understanding of the court system, know the prosecutors, and know how the Richmond courts typically handle stalking charges. The attorney should also be able to examine the evidence, determine exactly how strong the case is, and identify what steps the defendant can take to potentially mitigate the penalties and the consequences.

Qualities to Look for When Researching Attorneys

When researching a lawyers to potentially hire for a stalking offense, a person should look for someone who has experience handling serious cases. They want someone that has experience arguing cases in court and that has experience with the local court system in which their charges are. Additionally, they want someone who they can speak with and trust to handle all these delicate matters.

When speaking with an attorney for the first time about stalking charges, an individual should have information about the charge, including who the alleged victim is. They should have information about the history of the relationship between the themselves and the alleged victim. They should also have information about any prior criminal charges or convictions they have received and any notices of protective orders that were previously issued against them by or relating to the alleged victim.

Evidence a Lawyer Can Use for a Defense

In preparing a defense to a stalking charge, a lawyer will try to obtain evidence of the relationship between the person accused and the accuser. They will also try to get information about the contacts made and search the prior history that resulted in the stalking charge. They will also try to get any information to determine if the victim is telling the truth and if the claim is correct.

While dismissal of charges is perhaps the ideal outcome, a lawyer may suggest a plea deal in a stalking case, if the state’s evidence is very strong and the individual is facing a possible felony charge. Typically, a lawyer will try to mitigate the punishment as much as possible for their client.

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