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Importance of Hiring a Lawyer for Richmond Robbery Cases

Robbery and theft differ significantly in Richmond. Theft is the simple taking of an item; robbery is the taking that item through force. The primary difference is the force component. Robbery is a much more severe crime than theft or larceny in the state of Virginia.

Hiring an attorney for a robbery is so important because they can sometimes get a robbery charge reduced to theft if they can show that there was a lack of force used or an issue regarding the strength of a witness testimony. In some instances, if the individual does not have a criminal record, the attorney could show issues toward mitigation.

Preparing a Defense Against Robbery Charges

An attorney will analyze the evidence the state has to determine the strength of their case. They are going to interview any witnesses that were on the scene and get statements from the victim. They are also going to collect any information and any statements made by the defendant and video of the defendant to determine if any weapons were used and if the state recovered them.

Collecting Evidence for a Defense

In defending a person charged with robbery, a defense attorney will compile evidence of the statements made by all the parties involved, including the victim, defendant, and eyewitnesses. They will also try to establish if any alibis can be used to help the defendant. They will also collect any information on video or audio that may have recorded the incident.

If charged with robbery, an individual would benefit from retaining a local attorney. They will want someone familiar with the judges and the prosecutors in the city of Richmond.

Taking a Plea Deal

A criminal lawyer would encourage an individual to take a plea deal if it benefits their client, for instance, if they think the prosecution has a strong case or they work out an agreement that benefits their client’s interests. With a lot of robbery cases in particular, the possible penalties are so significant that if the prosecution’s case is strong, it would benefit an individual to take a plea deal in many cases.

Hiring an Attorney in Richmond

Someone charged with robbery should hire an attorney or have some sort of counsel. The possible penalties are significant on a robbery charge so having guidance from an attorney would be beneficial. Moreover, a criminal conviction for any type of theft charge is considered a crime of moral turpitude, so it can have a significant impact in their ability to retain or obtain future employment.

A person should contact a criminal lawyer in any situation for which they receive criminal charges. A criminal conviction can result in a mark on someone’s permanent record, which can affect their ability to obtain employment or obtain a security clearance, if that is relevant.

When contacting a Richmond lawyer, an individual should have information about their charge, including information about what jurisdiction they were charged in, and the court date that they are given. Also, they should be prepared to give an in-depth statement to the attorney about what happened and what statements or evidence exists.

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