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Carjacking is defined as intentionally taking another person’s car, taking control of their car with the intent to permanently or even temporarily deprive that person of their vehicle with the additional element of violence or the threat of serious violence. The charges associated with a carjacking are serious and should include the consultation of an experienced Spotsylvania carjacking lawyer. An experienced theft lawyer can assist in building a defense and ensuring you know what to expect at each step of the legal process.

Carjacking vs. Auto Theft

Auto theft would be the first element of carjacking, in that it is taking or using a motor vehicle permanently depriving the person who owns it or who is in possession of the vehicle but with the added elements of some type of crime of violence or threat.

Joyriding is usually considered the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle without consent. An unauthorized use is just going to be using or driving anything without the permission of the person who was using it and it is going to be charged differently.

When it comes to joyriding, there is no act of violence or threat involved with the charge. What differentiates joyriding from carjacking is for a carjacking charge there is an act or violence or threat towards the victim that makes it much more severe in the eyes of the law, and makes it imperative that a Spotsylvania carjacking attorney is contacted to build a defense.

Establishing Damage

It is up to the prosecution to prove that it is $200.00 or more of damage caused by the defendant. It is usually easy for them to get a mechanic or some type of person who will be able to give a value of the car that is $200.00 or more. Sometimes, that can be the owner or it can be the blue-book value but, certainly, it is going to depend on the case and then it is up to the defense to go ahead and refute that.

Certainly, if that is something that was close to $200.00 versus not close to $200.00, usually, that is not something that people contest because, especially if it is an expensive car or even just a new car, it is going to be clearly over $200.00.

How an Attorney Can Help

If convicted on multiple counts, there is more than one count that someone is facing, and potentially more prison. These consequences will follow someone wherever they are, notwithstanding the fact that they are facing a felony offense at least.

With a felony offense, one has all the collateral consequences that come along with that. An individual loses their rights to firearms, right to vote and it is hard for them to get a job ever. they cannot pursue certain lines of work with a felony offense conviction on his or her record. Certainly, all of these things are at stake when a person is charged with carjacking. A Spotsylvania carjacking lawyer can help mitigate these charges and help build a defense.

Contact a Spotsylvania Carjacking Lawyer

A person charged with carjacking should consider hiring a Spotsylvania carjacking attorney because carjacking is a serious offense. It is certainly going to be a felony offense and lead to jail time. Carjacking, as a whole, is related to theft but it is more serious than a typical theft.

Virginia actually treats it more seriously than a robbery. It starts up to 15 years and it goes up to life in prison. Think about the fact that a robbery is pretty serious and a carjacking is even more serious. An individual needs an experienced Spotsylvania carjacking lawyer to help analyze and build a case. Please contact an attorney today.

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