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Role of a Spotsylvania Carjacking Lawyer

A Spotsylvania carjacking lawyer’s role is going to be basically the thing that stands between an individual and prison, so the wall that keeps them out of prison.

An experienced carjacking lawyer is going to be working their best to avoid a conviction. Depending on the facts of their case the individual could be going to prison for a minimum of 15 years.

What to Expect from a Lawyer

If somebody’s trying to call an attorney’s office to assess their carjacking charges, they can expect a carjacking lawyer to ask them about all the specifics of the carjacking in question. These questions could include inquiries regarding:

  • Who was involved?
  • Where did the alleged incident happen?
  • Why is the individual being suspected of the crime?
  • Where there any statements made at the time of the arrest?
  • The individuals criminal record
  • What the individual saw?
  • Was the arrest or incident recorded in some way?
  • Names of any nearby businesses

All these questions are what a knowledgeable Spotsylvania carjacking attorney is going to ask regarding the carjacking charges so that they can start doing the research to provide a robust defense on their client’s behalf.

Reduced Sentencing Options

There might be the opportunity for some plea deal down to a misdemeanor offense or changing the charge from carjacking to having the prosecution amend the charge down to an unauthorized use charge.

This is seen especially in first offender cases where carjacking that might be technically carjacking but perhaps did not involve the things that allegedly were intended to be criminalized under the law.

Support for Carjacking Charges

The support that carjacking lawyers can provide an individual is zealous defenses and that is pretty much the only support that an individual can hope for in this type of situation. They are going to:

  • Make sure that an individual has the right elements to defend against the carjacking
  • Poke holes in the prosecution’s case
  • Explain the process to an individual
  • Walk their client through hypothetical outcomes of the case
  • Prepare  the client for the courtroom

The individual facing carjacking charges is going to be facing a lot of new facts and new situations. That is something that a defense attorney is going to be able to navigate through with the individual.

Hiring an Attorney

An individual facing carjacking charges in Spotsylvania is going to need an attorney who is going to stand there and prevent that from happening and to fight their best to avoid a conviction altogether but if that is not possible, then to reduce the severity of the carjacking charges. But the Spotsylvania carjacking attorney is certainly going to be playing an important role in the case and the overall outcome of the carjacking charges.

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