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Spotsylvania Shoplifting Defense

The first thing a Spotsylvania shoplifting defense attorney will do when preparing for a shoplifting defense case is find out all of the necessary facts of the case. This entails looking for any video or anything that would help the prosecution prove the case, then trying to prove the opposite through a shoplifting defense.

If an individual is facing shoplifting charges in Spotsylvania, they should contact a qualified shoplifting lawyer to start planning their defense. A Spotsylvania shoplifting defense lawyer will guide you through the process of building a strong shoplifting defense for your most desired outcome.

Serious Shoplifting Consequences

Having a Spotsylvania shoplifting attorney throughout their shoplifting defense can help the individual by eliminating the chance of admitting to shoplifting charges. By representing themselves as their shoplifting defense, the individual is making the prosecution’s life easier. The individual also runs the risk of jail time every single time they rely on themselves as a shoplifting defense.

In a Spotsylvania shoplifting cases, petit larceny offenses, even if it is a person’s first offense, are serious because a person could be facing jail time. They could also be facing the potential of life-altering collateral consequences like the stigma associated with any theft offense.

Employers do not want to hire an individual if they have been convicted of petit larceny. It makes the person less trustworthy and is problematic to have one on a person’s record. That is what a Spotsylvania shoplifting defense attorney is there for. A Spotsylvania shoplifting defense can prevent the offense from getting on the record and help the individual mitigate the situation.

Potential Defense Strategies

The strategies that a Spotsylvania shoplifting defense attorney might use when working on a shoplifting defense could potentially be:

  • The item was not carried away
  • The individual actually intended to pay for the item and the item was just overlooked in the shopping bag
  • The absence of intent, or the idea that a person was not the one that actually switched the tags, that somebody else did it

For each Spotsylvania shoplifting defense, the attorney is going to closely examine each of the elements of whatever particular shoplifting subsection a person is being accused of violating. Then, from there, a person should go ahead and cater the shoplifting defense to the facts of their case.

Attorney’s Role at the Arraignment

The only thing that happens at an arraignment for a Spotsylvania shoplifting defense is the judge tells the individual what they are charged with, gives them a court date, asks them whether or not they want an attorney or whether they want to have an attorney appointed to them for their shoplifting defense.

At the shoplifting defense arraignment, an attorney’s only role is to help their client pick a court date and enter their appearance. That is more or less the only process that the attorney will go through with their client on that date.

If you are in need of a Spotsylvania shoplifting defense, consider hiring a qualified shoplifting attorney who can help you through the stressful situation.

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