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Allegations of involvement in prostitution or a related criminal offense can be embarrassing and damaging to your family and your reputation in the community. Before you take any steps to attempt to resolve these often complicated legal matters on your own, you may wish to get advice from an experienced Springfield prostitution lawyer.

A conviction for prostitution or a similar offense can show up every time that you undergo a background check, whether it is for employment, housing, credit, or to volunteer at a school. With the help of an accomplished criminal attorney, you could avoid these unwanted consequences by getting the assistance of a prostitution attorney.

Prostitution in Springfield

Under Virginia Code § 18.2-346, individuals commit prostitution if they participate or offer to participate in certain types of sexual activities in exchange for money or anything else of value. It should be noted that to be illegal under Virginia law, any offer to participate in a sex act also must include some act toward the commission of the act. Consequently, simply offering to engage in prostitution alone is insufficient to constitute a criminal offense.

Prostitution encompasses a wide range of sexual activities. The sex acts covered in the code section concerning prostitution include the following:

  • Adultery, fornication, and sex acts with animals or immediate relatives
  • Cunnilingus, fellatio, anilingus
  • Anal intercourse

This code section also includes solicitation of prostitution as a criminal offense equal to that of prostitution. Solicitation of prostitution involves offering money or anything of value to another for the purposes of engaging in the same sexual acts as prostitution. Again, there must be some act toward the commission of solicitation of prostitution for it to constitute an illegal act.

Prostitution is a Class 1 misdemeanor offense. The potential penalties for a Class 1 misdemeanor conviction may include a sentence of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. Since the ramifications of having a permanent criminal record involving a sex offense can be damaging, getting advice from a prostitution attorney in Springfield may be advisable.

Other Prostitution-Related Offenses

There are various other actions related to prostitution that are illegal under Virginia law. The charges and penalties for these offenses vary according to the severity of the offenses. Typically, the offense may rise to the level of a felony and may be more severe if it involves sexual activity with minors, force, or coercion. No matter what offenses a person may be facing, a seasoned attorney in Springfield could review their case and build their defense.

Keeping, Residing in, or Frequenting a Bawdy Place

Pursuant to Va. Code § 18.2-347, it is a Class 1 misdemeanor offense to keep, reside in, or frequent a bawdy place. Under this code section, a bawdy place is any  location, whether within a building or structure or not, that is used for lewdness, assignation, or prostitution.

Aiding and Promoting Prostitution

Under Va. Code § 18.2-348, it is illegal to take or offer to take others to a bawdy place with knowledge or good reason to believe the purpose of the visit. It is also illegal under this code section to give information or direction to anyone for the purpose of enabling them to engage in prostitution.

Similarly, it is illegal under Va. Code § 18.2-349 to utilize or allow others to utilize any vehicle for the purposes of prostitution. Again, the accused persons must have prior knowledge or good reason to believe that the vehicle will be used for prostitution to commit this offense. As these prostitution offenses may have serious consequences, it might be wise to consult a Springfield attorney for advice.

Let a Springfield Prostitution Attorney Assist You

A prostitution conviction could have devastating results for your personal and professional life. Whether a simple misunderstanding or a lapse in judgment, you do not have to simply plead guilty and allow a conviction to adversely impact your life. A Springfield prostitution lawyer may be able to assist you in fighting back against any criminal charges that you are facing.

A criminal charge does not automatically mean finding guilt. Many people are cleared of criminal charges every day. Enlisting strong legal representation in your criminal case can go a long way toward overcoming the charges against you.

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