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Stafford County DUI Penalties

It is important to work with a local Stafford DUI lawyer because there is so much that is important to know about the legal process and the penalties an individual could face. Someone familiar with the locality can be an enormous help as you navigate the process. This includes everything from knowing:

  • The local roads and places where checkpoints are set up
  • The officers who frequently write these kinds of charges
  • The personalities of the prosecutors and the judges

Only someone who has experience with all of these things will be able to give you the best defense possible for your specific set of circumstances.

Potential Consequences

There are a number of penalties for a first time DUI offense in Stafford County, Virginia, including:

  • Some period of jail time, usually between 30 and maybe 100 days, all of which is suspended.
  • A fine of an amount to be determined, part of which will be suspended
  • A 12-month loss of license privileges
  • An order to comply with and complete the Virginia VASAP program
  • A requirement to have an Ignition Interlock system installed as a condition of a restricted license for six months, on any vehicle which the defendant drives.

An attorney  can guide you through the Stafford County DUI penalties and help protect your rights.

Driving privileges

The thing that usually affects people the most in a DUI is the loss of their driving privileges. All of the other things that come along with DUI unfold over time, such as taking the classes or having some small fine to pay. But the loss of the ability to travel from place to place can be devastating. Even with a restricted license, when those are authorized, the person’s driving is going to be severely limited in comparison to what it would be without the conviction.

Alternative Penalties

There is no diversion program for first-time offenders that is officially utilized in Stafford County. In fact, it is remarkably unusual for them to make any kind of offer on a first-time DUI case. However, if there is some problem with their evidence or there is a good defense which can be articulated in advance, they might consider reducing the sentence to a reckless driving charge or even dismissing the case.

Long Term Consequences

Beyond the criminal penalties, there is a permanent criminal record. This is something which can show up on a background check and can affect a Commercial Driver License or security clearance. It can also serve as a prior offense for any future DUI with which a person might be  charged. Should that occur, they will be facing very serious penalties, including mandatory jail time.

There is also a social stigma that goes along with a DUI. While a DUI can easily be the result of a mistake or inadvertence, in some cases people will be very judgmental, which can be intimidating. In other cases, people may assume the person has an alcohol problem or lacks good judgment, regardless of the truth.

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