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Fraud covers a category of different crimes that have in common the idea that someone illegally uses a misrepresentation or deception to get money or something of value from another person. A person should get strong legal representation as soon as they know they are being investigated for fraud or find out that a fraud charge is pending.

If you are facing charges, the best way to ensure a strong defense is to work with a Stafford County fraud lawyer. An experienced defense attorney will guide and advise you every step of the way throughout the process.

Common Iterations

The most common types of fraud are various kinds of credit card fraud, check fraud, forgeries, and making a false representation on a gun application or other kind of credit application.

The Internet provides new and different ways for people to commit different kinds of fraud. For example, it is now possible to go online and purchase the identifying information or credit card information of another person.

This is something that comes up frequently in fraud cases. A Stafford County fraud lawyer with substantial experience will be well equipped to undertake a case with any of these elements.

Necessary Evidence

There are several things to collect in terms of evidence for a fraud case. The first thing a Stafford County fraud lawyer looks at is the evidence the government has and the proof they are they going to bring.

The evidence may include the testimony of the alleged victim and other witnesses and, in some cases, the testimony or statements of the accused. In addition, there is often physical evidence in the form of the paper or electronically stored data.

Unique Elements Of Investigations

With most cases, the investigations happen directly after a crime is committed or even at the scene of the crime such as in a DUI or an assault case where police apprehend someone committing a crime or immediately afterward.

Many fraud cases are not instantly detected and the investigations can go on for some time before charges are brought. The police may need to interview witnesses or examine electronic data or other tangible evidence. The investigations can continue for days or weeks before the police or prosecutors make a decision on the charges to bring.

Common Mistakes

The most common and serious mistake people make during a fraud investigation is talking to police. An individual may learn that they are under investigation when an officer contacts them in person or by phone and wants to discuss something.

It is important to understand that the police are not operating in the capacity of a friend. They are not there to help the person. Their only function in that situation is to build a case against the person. The only thing that can happen in that conversation is that the person incriminates themselves or says something innocently that the government may later claim is inconsistent with something they previously said. It is critically important to not saying anything to the police prior to talking to a Stafford County fraud lawyer.

Another common mistake is when the person believes the charges are not serious because they are charged with a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony. The person may be innocent and trusts the process will prove their innocence without any effort on their part. That is simply not true.

Contacting an Attorney

A fraud-related charge is a crime of moral turpitude. It involves lying, cheating, or stealing and can affect the current and future employment of a person. Because of this common error, there are people who believed the truth would come out without the assistance of counsel and found themselves convicted. An experienced attorney can help avoid this scenario.

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