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As defined by Stafford County law, embezzlement is a crime that involves taking money or something of value from a person by someone who has a position of trust with that person. The defining characteristic of embezzlement as opposed to other kinds of theft or fraud is the person who commits the crime has a trust relationship with the victim.

When someone faces embezzlement charges, they should contact a distinguished fraud attorney as soon as they learn they are under investigation or they are charged. A Stafford County embezzlement lawyer will have the understanding of how to present a potential client’s case in local court.

The most frequent kind of embezzlement involves an employee who wrongfully takes money or other things of value from their employer. Embezzlement can also be a situation where there is a care taker who takes money from an elderly person or someone who has a fiduciary duty to another person such as a trustee, guardian, or conservator.

Consequences of an Embezzlement Conviction

Because most embezzlement charges are felonies, the immediate action an individual should take is speaking with a Stafford County embezzlement lawyer. An individual can lose their civil rights such as the right to vote, hold office, or possess a firearm. In addition, there may be penalties imposed by the courts including fines, restitution, probation, and an active jail sentence.

Long Term Consequences

The long-term consequences of embezzlement convictions are significant. Apart from having a felony record which deters most current and future employers, this is considered a moral turpitude crime. Anyone who considers hiring the person or who currently employs them knows they stole money from someone in a position of trust.

Having this kind of conviction on a person’s record makes it exceedingly difficult to find work in the future. Individuals facing these charges should speak with a Stafford County embezzlement lawyer about the severity of their case and how to proceed with building a defense.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Embezzlement

The most common misconception involving embezzlement is that it is not a serious offense. People find themselves charged with embezzlement because they took items belonging to an employer that they believe has little value or they took small amounts of money.

The belief is that if restitution is made or the money is paid back, everything can be smoothed over and go away. That is frequently not the case. This is a serious charge that can have long term and immediate consequences. Compensating the victim rarely causes the charges to be dropped.

Compiling Evidence

Stafford County embezzlement attorneys determine the testamentary or witnesses evidence. The lawyer looks at the victim’s story, witness testimonies, and statements from the accused to the police or to others. Stafford County embezzlement lawyers look at the physical evidence such as video or audio evidence and other documentary evidence of any kind that shows the person who is accused took the money or thing of value.

Importance of Hiring an Attorney

It is always important to hire a Stafford County embezzlement lawyer with local experience because there are some tactics that are more successful with judges or prosecutors that a lawyer may not know if they do not practice locally. There are also pitfalls a lawyer might not be aware of if they do not practice locally.

To have every advantage in the case, the lawyer must have a strong knowledge of the law and significant experience in the area of law. They must also have experience and knowledge regarding all the other players and personalities in the locality who participate in the prosecution and the trial process.

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