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Theft refers to a class of crimes that includes the taking without permission of something of value that belongs to someone else. Those crimes can include larceny, embezzlement, and a number of others generally considered to be theft.

Each case is unique in its details and in the challenges facing the accused. If you are facing charges, regardless of the particularities of the situation, a Stafford County theft lawyer can guide and advise you throughout the process of refuting said charges.

An experienced defense attorney will be an invaluable asset as together you work to build the strongest defense possible and mitigate any applicable or relevant penalties.


Larceny is another word for theft. Under Virginia law, larceny means the taking and carrying away of property that belongs to someone else without their consent and specifically with the intention to permanently deprive them of it.

What to Expect

If a person calls the office of a Stafford County theft lawyer to discuss any theft charges the caller may be facing, they should expect to be engaged in a discussion of the facts of the case, as well as the charges, possible defenses, and what tactics will be the most appropriate to employ moving forward.

Ultimately, the purpose of the meeting is to determine the best course of action moving forward. Therefore, anyone who calls can expect a thorough discussion of the details surrounding the events in question.

Consequences of a Theft Charge

When a person is charged with theft, even if it is a misdemeanor, they are facing the possibility of significant repercussions, both short term, and long term. Although not all of these charges carry jail time or a high fine, having a theft charge on one’s permanent record can be extremely detrimental.

For example, just from seeing the checked box on a person’s record, and without necessarily knowing all the details, a current or potential future employer may be concerned and decide against continuing or beginning an employment contract with the individual. The potential loss of employment or the inability to work in the future negatively affects other areas of a person’s life.

Role of a Defense Attorney

Each case is unique and therefore the approach may differ in order to tailor the defense to the particular circumstances of the situation of the accused. That might mean focusing on having all the charges dismissed,  having them reduced, or having the penalties reduced.

The job of the Stafford County theft lawyer is to obtain the best outcome possible, and so they will focus on achieving whichever end goal is most appropriate and achievable in each individual case.

In addition, the lawyer can walk their client through the important phases of the case in order to keep them fully informed and to assist them in making important decisions over the course of the process.

There are a number of important decisions that must be made in every case. It is critical that the lawyer be in contact with the client and assist the client in being able to make those choices in the way that will have the most positive effect on the outcome of the case.

How An Attorney Can Help

A criminal defense lawyer has several primary roles regarding their services to their client. The first and overarching responsibility is to assist them in obtaining the best outcome possible in court.

Working with an experienced Stafford County theft lawyer on a theft charge, including and especially those which are more serious, can significantly impact the outcome of your case for the better.

An established, local attorney will be able to properly prepare a defense so as to best aim to dismiss or reduce the charges, working at all times to mitigate the penalties.

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