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Automobile theft is a type of grand larceny that is the taking of an automobile that does not belong to the person, and doing so specifically without permission and with the intent to permanently deprive the true owner of that vehicle.

This type of theft is taken very seriously by law enforcement, and if you are facing charges, know that working with an experienced Stafford County auto theft lawyer could lead to the minimum rather than the maximum penalties. Contact a skilled theft defense attorney to begin your defense today.

Felony Categorization

Auto theft in most cases is a felony larceny. The only difference between auto theft and larceny in Stafford County is what is being stolen. In this case, it is an automobile.

Under Virginia law, anytime a person steals something worth $200 or more, they have committed felony larceny. An automobile falls into that category. Whenever someone takes the vehicle of another without permission or fails to return it and the government can show beyond a reasonable doubt that the circumstances make it look like there was an intention to never return it, the person can be found guilty of a felony larceny for stealing an automobile.

Differentiating Factors In The Defense

The primary difference in an auto theft case from other related theft defenses is the issue of someone stealing a vehicle. The other main issue in cases like this is that permission is often a defense, as well as the argument that there was no intent to permanently deprive someone of that vehicle.

Often these cases happen when someone did not return an automobile and there is a real question as to whether they should have known. However, if and when the vehicle is returned, that is sometimes a good defense to argue that because the car was returned there was no intent to keep it.

The government can argue that the case began with consent but at some point, that consent expired. Ultimately, a Stafford County auto theft lawyer will be well equipped and prepared to present rebuttals to this and any other argument the government might present.

Related Charges

There is a charge is Virginia for unauthorized use of a vehicle which is lesser than grand larceny of a vehicle. Just as the title implies, it relates to taking something without permission but without an intention to permanently deprive someone of the vehicle.

How an Attorney Can Help In These Cases

When a person faces auto theft charges, they face a serious offense. An auto theft conviction can result in someone being sentenced to a period of incarceration for a significant amount of time. Any larceny, especially a felony larceny conviction on a criminal record makes it difficult to maintain employment and also to secure employment in the future. Therefore, contracting the services of an established Stafford County auto theft lawyer will be essential when it comes to fighting the charges.

It makes a big difference to have experienced counsel when defending a serious felony case. There are a number of tactics a Stafford County auto theft lawyer can implement. There are various arguments to use in a case like this that an attorney with previous experience will be best equipped to prepare and present.

The process of fighting charges can be intimidating and confusing for someone who has not been through it before. A big benefit to having an attorney is knowing what is going to happen on particular court dates, knowing what goes into making certain decisions and having the comfort of experienced counsel to guide the person through the process.

Benefits of a Stafford County Auto Theft Attorney

When a person faces something as serious as auto theft, they need every advantage available to them. They should know what is or is not effective, and what kinds of approaches and tactics to use.

The only way to know the answers to those questions is by having the benefit of local experience on your side. A Stafford County auto theft lawyer will be familiar with the approach and arguments of the prosecutors, as well as the tendencies of the judges when it comes to sentencing. It makes a substantial difference in being able to select the proper approach and arguments in a case. The best way a person can come by that information is by working with a Stafford County auto theft lawyer.

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