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Stafford County Armed Robbery Penalties

Every kind of robbery in Virginia is considered a felony. The additional charge for accomplishing that felony with the use of a firearm carries significant Stafford County armed robbery penalties. Speak with an experienced armed robbery lawyer regarding the consequences you may be facing for a robbery offense.

Differentiating Robbery and Armed Robbery

The distinction of someone using a weapon in a robbery is fairly significant, and there has to be some instrumentality that the individual is using it to accomplish the violence or make a threat. Stafford County armed robbery penalties can be applied a gun offense or a knife offense. It could be a household item or any other object used in a violent or threatening way.

Consequences of Armed Robbery in Stafford County

If an individual is convicted of robbery and the use of a weapon in the commission of a felony, they will be looking at significant prison time, even for someone who has never been charged with anything before. They will be considered a felon for the rest of their life. In addition, the person will have a significant period of probation as well as restitution to make in many cases.

Harshest Penalties someone May Face

A person charged with a robbery that is accomplished with a firearm or other weapons may face up to life in prison. There is a three year mandatory minimum for the weapons charge if used in the commission of a robbery. For a second offense, Stafford County armed robbery penalties include a five-year mandatory prison term.

Types of Evidence for the Defense

Lawyers are going to want to compile any testimonial evidence, which is going to be favorable to the accused, like anyone who can provide an alibi or refute the government’s version of events. They are also going to want to compile any physical, documentary, or forensic evidence, which may challenge the government’s version of events. It may provide an alternate set of facts or events, which may be beneficial to the defense.

Taking a Plea Deal

It is advisable to take a plea deal when the attorney believes, based on their investigation and experience, that a negotiated outcome is going to be more favorable to the individual than taking chances at trial. Sometimes it makes more sense to know in advance what the outcome is going to be than it is to expose the person to potentially more serious Stafford County armed robbery penalties through trial.

Severity of an Armed Robbery Charge

If a person accomplishes a robbery with a weapon, the person is charged with two things and that is quite a bit more serious than being charged with the single offense of robbery. Being charged with robbery as well as being charged with committing a felony using a weapon in the commission of a felony creates the possibility for more Stafford County armed robbery penalties. The sentencing guidelines are more severe, and the person stands to be convicted of two things rather than one.

Hiring a Local Lawyer

It is important to hire a local criminal attorney when someone is charged with something so serious because one of the primary areas of knowledge or most important tactics that the defense attorney can use is their understanding of the individuals involved in the case. That is going to include everyone from the police to the prosecutor to the judge in the case.

If an individual is charged with a robbery that involves a weapon, the person is going to want to use a lawyer who has a lot of experience and has tried these kinds of cases before. Because of the seriousness associated with Stafford County armed robbery penalties, an individual should hire an attorney right away.

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