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Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor as a first time offender or you are facing multiple felony criminal charges, the prospect of conviction is frightening. A criminal conviction can result in fines, probation, restriction of freedoms, and incarceration. In addition, a criminal record can negatively impact one’s employability, education opportunities, and security clearance.

However, with the help of a Stafford criminal lawyer, you can successfully navigate the legal system and defend yourself against accusations of criminal activity. Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law is an experienced criminal attorney who fights hard for her clients.

Our attorneys defend individuals against a full spectrum of Virginia criminal charges. Some of these crimes include:

Conviction of the above crimes or any other offense can seriously impact your family’s future. With the help of one of our attorneys, you may be able to have criminal charges against you reduced or even dismissed. No matter what specific charge has been brought against you in Stafford County, contact us for an evaluation of your case.

Stafford Courthouses

Your attorney will stand with you in Stafford General District Court, located at 1300 Courthouse Road in Stafford, Virginia. Through careful analysis of your case and close examination of the prosecution’s evidence against you, your criminal defense attorney will craft a strategy for successful defense. Your lawyer will look at the circumstances of your arrest and illuminate any procedural missteps that could lead to a dismissal of your charges. A skilled attorney will gather evidence supporting your innocence and work aggressively to protect you from unnecessary consequences of conviction.

Our attorneys have experience throughout Stafford County, but they also have crucial trial experience in the areas of criminal defense that your charge will fall in. That knowledge of the courts and how they choose to prosecute specific crimes will help them put together a defense strategy geared towards obtaining a positive result in your case.

The Stafford County Courthouse is located at 1300 Courthouse Road in Stafford Virginia. In addition to the large free parking lot located right outside the courthouse, there is a bus stop within the area. Cell phones, cameras, and personal electronic devices are not permitted within the courthouse and must be stored with the deputy before entry. Dining options around the Stafford County Courthouse include: Sam’s Pizza and Subs, County Fare, China King, and Daily Grind to grab a cup of coffee.

Stafford Circuit Court
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Stafford, VA 22555-0069
Phone: (540) 658-8750
Stafford Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
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