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The Virginia General Assembly has enacted many new laws that crack down on sex offenses in the Commonwealth of Virginia. These kinds of charges not only shame and disgrace the alleged offender, but a guilty verdict carries exceptionally harsh penalties that generate mandatory minimum sentences and – once the perpetrator is released – a lifetime of being labeled as a sex offender, no matter where the person lives.

These harsh realities should underscore the necessity for you to speak with a dedicated Stafford sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

If you are accused of any sex-related offense, and you live in Stafford, it is vital that you immediately retain experienced legal counsel in your area.

Aggressively Defend Yourself from a Sex Charge

A well-qualified sex crime defense attorney will have experience with a wide range of sexual offenses, including, but not limited to:

  • Sexual Assault – which includes a variety of charges surrounding unwanted sexual contact or sexual aggression;
  • Rape – including date rape;
  • Marital sexual assault;
  • Sexual battery;
  • Sexual predation – this includes any type of sexually threatening activity such as indecent exposure and stalking;
  • Sexual Abuse against a child – any sexual act with a minor, including the creation and any form of child pornography distribution and possession;
  • Crimes against Nature – this primarily (but not exclusively) involves having sexual contact with a family member; in Virginia, the law views incest as a sex crime.

Consent and Credibility in Virginia Sex Crimes

The issue of consent is often the key in mounting a successful defense in any alleged sex crime. Your lawyer’s ability to show the alleged criminal act was consensual, rather than the result of a sexual assault, may result in the charges being dismissed or reduced.

The motive behind the charge also needs to be uncovered and presented clearly. Did this person claim they were the victim of domestic violence in order to gain leverage in a divorce case, especially if a fight over child custody or getting you removed from your home is the motive? This, unfortunately, is not uncommon. Was the sex actually consensual, and might this person be motivated to bring false charges for some sort of financial (or personal) gain?

The fact is that many people accused of sex crimes have no previous criminal record. Many accused of sex crimes have led normal lives and wouldn’t harm anyone. If that’s you, are you aware of just how serious and life-changing a sex crime charge, let alone a conviction, can be?

In Virginia, the penalties for conviction of a sex crime vary greatly, depending in large part upon the charge. Sexual battery is a Class 1 misdemeanor, carrying a penalty of up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. But sometimes, sexual battery convictions can draw harsher penalties if there are additional charges. In these cases, conviction of multiple offenses produces larger fines and even more jail time. The following is a general description of what follows a guilty verdict for a sex crime offense in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Fines of anywhere from $250 to $100,000
  • Jail time that can range from six months to life in prison
  • Registration as a sex offender in the Commonwealth for at least 10 years. Sometimes this can be a lifetime requirement, even if you move to another state.

If you are charged with sexual offense against a child, you are subject to harsh restrictions regarding where you may live and work for as long as you are required to register with the state’s sex offender database.

Experience in Defending Against Sex Crimes in Virginia

Depending on the charge or the evidence against you, a plea bargain on a lesser charge could be negotiated between your lawyer and the Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney. Once a case is thoroughly investigated by your lawyer, some of the more common avenues your attorney may pursue to reduce this threat to your freedom include:

  • Revealing the true motive behind potential false charges;
  • Suppression of illegally obtained evidence;
  • Proving prosecution witness interviews or testimony was biased; and
  • Finding witnesses who can attest to your character, which may cast doubt on the charges.

Sex crimes cases are extremely emotional, not to mention highly technical. To effectively defend you against charges such as sexual battery, date rape, or child pornography, a skilled and aggressive Stafford sex crimes lawyer is a necessity.

Karin Riley Porter, and the team of attorneys she leads at our Virginia law group, is uniquely qualified to provide this kind of legal service. After a personal meeting to obtain all the facts surrounding your case, she will immediately launch her own investigation of the charges and assemble the strongest case possible, which will focus on protecting your rights and your freedom. For more information, call Ms. Porter today at (703) 278-2800.

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