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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious charge that can change a person’s life in Virginia. A qualified and experienced Tidewater DUI lawyer can help you take control of the situation and keep your life on track.

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In every city, there are particular rules and nuances to know when trying to navigate through the local court systems. A local Tidewater DUI lawyer can be useful in protecting your rights and helping you find your way through the complex legal systems of the Tidewater area. A DUI lawyer has the level of knowledge you want to protect your interests. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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The punishments for driving under the influence include a mandatory fine of at least $250, suspension of your driver’s license, and potential jail time. A blood alcohol level of at least 0.15 and not more than 0.20 carries with it a mandatory minimum jail sentence of five days and a blood alcohol level of more than 0.20 carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 10 days. In addition, failure to submit to a breathalyzer carries a separate and distinct charge of refusal and a 12-month suspension of your driver’s license. Penalties like these cannot be taken lightly. If you are seeking to reduce the potential impact of these charges on your life, a DUI lawyer in Tidewater is key to helping you defend your rights. Contact a Tidewater DUI Attorney at (757) 320-4900.

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