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Mistakes to Avoid in Virginia Beach Drug DUI Cases

Throughout Virginia, DUI charges are taken very seriously, irrespective of the cause of impairment. If someone is charged with a DUI in Virginia Beach, it is imperative they seek the counsel of an experienced Virginia Beach DUI lawyer to guide them through the case and act as an advocate. These charges can be difficult to navigate, especially when it comes to arguing against blood test evidence.

The biggest mistake to avoid in Virginia Beach drug DUI case is not take it seriously and fail to recognize the future consequences that could come from a conviction. It’s not just something that you deal with in court and can walk away from. It has very long-term reach and consequences much further than just the consequences imposed by the judge. It is also a really big mistake to go into it by yourself without an experienced DUI attorney in Virginia Beach.

These charges are not easy to beat on your own or with an attorney making it really important that you give yourself the best fighting chance possible and get a good attorney on your side to help you.

Consenting a DUI Drug Stop in Virginia Beach

Someone who has been stopped for suspicion of DUI in Virginia Beach never has to consent to a search. They are protected under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution from unlawful search and seizures. If the officer is asking for consent that means they don’t have another reason to be able to search aside from getting your consent.

If Virginia Beach law enforcement officials could search your vehicle without your consent then they wouldn’t even ask you; they would likely already have probable cause or a warrant to conduct a search. To best protect yourself and your rights, it is in your interest to avoid giving consent to a law enforcement official who wants to conduct a search.

While you may not have done anything wrong, per se, there is still the chance that a police officer will find some type of evidence they believe is incriminating and subsequently place you under arrest.

How a Virginia Beach Drug DUI Lawyer Can Help

A Virginia Beach DUI attorney can help you understand all of the particulars of your case and what the possibilities are. They can also help you so that you best prepare for court in order to get good results on your case. It is crucial to be prepared for these types of cases. It is not something you can just wing and walk in hoping that your story will persuade the judge. Depending on what happened, preparing for court requires a whole bunch of different possibilities, which could include drug counseling, treatment, community service, or something else depending on the facts.

An attorney can also get the evidence from the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Virginia Beach and they can analyze the evidence to make sure that all your possible defenses are covered. They know how to make sure all of the tests were administered properly and they can look for any flaws in the process.

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