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Out of State Drivers and Reckless Driving Charges in Virginia Beach

Out-of-state drivers are oftentimes surprised by what they are charged with because many of the nearby or surrounding states don’t have speed-related reckless driving charges at all. The impact on these drivers can be very inconvenient because they will be required to return to Virginia to attend their hearing in court.

The conviction is electronically forwarded to the to the out-of-state driver’s home state so the driver will then also be impacted by whatever punishment the home state decides on as well.

For these reasons, it is important that if you are accused of reckless driving in Virginia as an out of state driver, you consult with a Virginia Beach reckless driving lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case and how to proceed.

What Impact Could A Reckless Driving Charge Have On An Out-Of-State Driver’s License?

Virginia cannot do anything against their out-of-state license, but Virginia does report the crime to the out-of-state driver’s home state. Then the home state can impose punishment, which is dependent upon each person’s particular home state.

Do I Have to Appear In Court?

A driver charged with reckless driving will have to be here for their court date, as inconvenient as it is.

Pre-Paying Your Reckless Driving Ticket

Prepaying your reckless driving ticket (or other criminal charges) in Virginia Beach is not a possibility at all. Those charged with reckless driving are obligated to appear in court to answer to this offense because it’s a criminal charge and not a traffic violation.

The consequences of attempting to prepay the fine are definitely not positive and most attorneys would advise someone against attempting to do this. Prepaying a fine is the same thing as admitting guilt to the charge, without a fight. It takes away the possibility of having the charge reduced or dismissed, or the fine being negotiated.

Reckless driving is a criminal charge which can result in a class 1 misdemeanor conviction which is forever on somebody’s criminal record and they should really do their best to fight this type of charge if possible because the long term effects are significant.

Benefits of Local Counsel

If you are an out-of-state driver who was charged with speeding or another traffic offense like passing two vehicles abreast, please check the citation given to you by the officer. If you were charged with reckless driving, then it is very important for you to consult with a local attorney soon. You could be facing a serious criminal charge that could result in a permanent criminal record, particularly if you fail to appear for your court date.

An attorney can work with you to plan how to deal with this charge in a way that minimizes the impact on your life. Every case is unique, and individuals have different needs and interests. We understand that for those with security clearance or who are on probation, a misdemeanor conviction can be an extremely serious issue that deserves the attention of a professional and experienced attorney.

As an out-of-state driver facing reckless driving charges in Virginia Beach, you may be confused as to what exactly your obligations are, and how to proceed. Contact a local defense attorney today to review your options and make an informed decision regarding your case.

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