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Preparing for a Virginia DUI Court Date 

They are a number of important things that a lawyer will want to discuss with an individual to prepare for a Virginia DUI court date. One of them is going to be potential outcomes in the case. One of them is going to be a testimony that might be anticipated on the part of the government as well as the defense—all the potential scenarios that might unfold. However, while preparing is necessary, an attorney’s most significant duty is to advise an individual as the process unfolds and to help them to make good decisions at every step of the process.

Pre-Trial Steps

The best way to prepare for a Virginia DUI court date is to remain in contact with a lawyer. The person’s lawyer is going to know what is going to happen, is going to be able to explain the process to the person, and is going to be able to assist them in not only knowing what to expect but also in taking proactive measures that are going to help the person’s defense.

Expectations of Case Process

When a person is charged with driving under the influence, there are a number of things to expect during the process. In misdemeanor cases, a person should expect that there will be either a trial or a plea bargain in the General District Court.

They should expect that the government, at some point, will produce a copy of the certificate of analysis and that their attorney will have an opportunity to do discovery prior to the person going to court or on the court date. The case may be resolved at the first hearing or in other cases it may not be resolved until there has been one or two continuances of it. When it comes to DUIs, it is important to stay in contact with an attorney and ask them what to expect in a particular case.

Changing a Court Date

In most cases, a change of court date, or what is called the continuance, will be available without any good reason at least one time. After that, judges may or may not grant continuances for good cause shown. In other words, if there is a good reason for a changing court date, then it can be requested but that is something that needs to be done through an attorney.

Appearing in Court

A DUI is a serious charge that has the potential for jail time. The accused is always required to appear in court regardless of whether they have an attorney or not. If a person who is required to appear in court fails to appear, then in most cases the court will issue a KPS, which is a warrant for the person’s arrest.

Once that KPS is served, the person is going to be held in jail until they can be brought before a judge. At that time, the judge will determine whether the individual will be released on bond during the pendency of the case. Failing to appear can in some cases result in a person who did not have to post a bond before, having to post a bond. In other cases, it may result in a person who received the bond simply having that bond revoked so that they are waiting in jail while their case is pending.

Out of State Individuals

A person who is from out of state has the same options for changing a court date that someone in state does. In other words, they need to do that through their attorney. If the court finds that there is good cause for the continuance, then it will be granted in order to accommodate their travel schedule.

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