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Challenging a Virginia Speeding Ticket as Out-of-State Driver

If you are an out of state driver who has been cited for a speeding violation, you have the ability to challenge your ticket even as you stay in another state.

Make sure to contact a Virginia speeding ticket lawyer to discus the process of challenging a ticket as an out of state driver and what defenses may or may not be acceptable in a Virginia court. For more information on challenging a ticket or to simply discuss what challenging the ticket can do for you, call and schedule a consultation today.

Benefit of a Virginia Speeding Ticket Lawyer As An Out of State Driver

Out of state drivers who want to plead not guilty and have an actual trial may do so by hiring a Virginia speeding ticket lawyer to appear on their behalf. The lawyer can do everything that the defendant could do in person, without the defendant having to come from out of state to appear, which obviously can be both costly and extremely inconvenient.

Additionally, for an out of state driver, an attorney can help you understand what charges you are up against and what the possible consequences are. It can be pretty confusing when you are facing charges in a different state that you are not familiar with and even if you are in your own state, it could still be very confusing dealing with reckless driving versus a speeding ticket, and not knowing the different consequences and levels of offense.

An experienced attorney can make sure that you understand exactly what it is that you are being charged with, what the implications of conviction would be, and what your best options are going forward.

Does Being Unaware of Traffic Laws Count as a Defense?

It is not a viable defense to say that you are unaware of what the traffic laws in Virginia are. Virginia and every other state have created its laws for a particular reason, generally speaking, such as safety concerns. It is not going to work to go to court and try to argue that because you are out of state you just did not realize that going 80 miles per hour was too fast if the speed limit was 70 miles per hour, for example.

Even though it is only a 10 miles per hour hour difference and many other places would not consider it reckless driving, it is your responsibility when you put yourself on the road in any state to know what the rules are.

What Should Every Out of State Driver Know About Speeding Tickets in Virginia?

The most important thing for an out of state driver is to know about speeding tickets in Virginia is that in terms of penalties, they do carry some pretty strict ones once they rise to the level of reckless driving. It is really important to know what would be considered merely speeding in your own state, in Virginia, it is a criminal charge, which is much more serious and should not be taken lightly whatsoever.

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