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Building a Defense For Assault Charges in Alexandria

When faced with an assault charge, an individual must be extremely strategic in how they handle themselves.  The first thing that a person should do when they are charged in a case of this magnitude is avoid talking to anyone other than their legal counsel. Any statements that a person makes to police or even to family or friends can become evidence against them in a trial. The next thing that a person should do is contact a confident, experienced, and qualified defense attorney to consult with them on their case.

Anyone facing an assault charge will be in a much better position if they involve an attorney in their case as soon as they can. It is also extremely important that an individual follows the legal counsel they are given. Experienced attorneys have good advice to offer their clients; individuals can be informed of what proactive things they can do to reflect themselves in the best light during their trial. These are all crucial pieces of advice and tactics that are being employed for the purpose of giving someone the best chance to have a favorable outcome in court.

Defense Strategies

An attorney who has experience trying assault cases can and will offer their client crucial tactics that will help them defend themselves in court. The legal counsel that an individual will receive from a knowledgeable defense attorney is given in an attempt to provide a person with the best opportunity to have a favorable outcome in their case.

If an individual adheres to the advice of their legal counsel, it will give their attorney an opportunity to represent their client effectively and achieve an appropriate outcome. There are a number of defenses that can be used on an assault charge. Two key tactics that an attorney will use in court to defend their client are:

  • Self-defense
  • Mitigating factors

Self-defense is one tactic that can be used. A person may have committed all of the acts necessary to be found guilty,  however, if they did so because they reasonably believed it was necessary to protect themselves from someone else that can be a complete defense to a charge.

A defense attorney may also present mitigating factors during a trial, and they can include a person suffering from a medical condition such as a psychological disorder at the time the offense took place, having a good record, and doing proactive things prior to going to court such as seeking out counseling or completing community service.

Steps to Building a Defense

The first thing that an attorney will focus on is whether or not the government can actually prove their case. They will also want to know if they need witnesses or statements from the individual charged with assault that proves the elements of the case. In addition, an attorney will be aware of the fact that there are always potential, constitutional challenges in any criminal case. This can include a confession that was coerced or a person who was improperly seized by police. The particular facts of each case dictate the best defenses and tactics to use to properly defend the matter at trial.

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