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Alexandria Assault Penalties

Assault is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor in the city of Alexandria. If someone is convicted, there is the potential for up to one year in jail as well as a $2,500 fine. An individual who is facing a charge of this magnitude should seek the legal guidance of an experienced assault attorney as soon as they can. The penalties for an assault can have a deleterious effect on an individual’s future and it can be frightening for someone to combat the legal system on their own. An attorney will be equipped with the knowledge necessary to build a firm defense for their client’s case and negotiate the severity of a penalty if they are convicted.

Elements of Assault

To convict someone of an assault charge, prosecutors must prove that the person made an offer or an attempt to commit a battery coupled with the present intention to commit that battery. In the case of assault, physical contact is not required, meaning that even if no bodily contact is made an individual may still be convicted of assault in certain instances.

Aggravating Factors

Being faced with a conviction for a crime as serious as an assault is already very difficult, but things can intensify if the court finds it necessary to enhance the penalties for the charge. When dealing with an assault charge in Alexandria, enhanced penalties are a possibility if:

  • The party that is charged has a number of previous convictions.
  • The individual that has been charged assaulted a law enforcement officer.

Either case would upgrade the charge from a misdemeanor a felony charge.

Diversion Programs & Alternative Sentencing Options

There are no first offender or diversion programs for assault and battery charges in Alexandria, but a court does have the power to:

  • Defer disposition in a case.
  • Place a person on probation under certain terms.
  • Consider at some later date whether or not a charge will be dismissed.

While the court has the power to do this, this is not an outcome that a person is entitled to and only happens in certain kinds of cases.

Contacting An Assault Lawyer

If a person is charged with an assault, he or she should get in touch with legal counsel right away. The penalties for a criminal offense can be extremely damaging to an individual’s future, and an experienced assault attorney that is familiar with Alexandria laws and has tried similar cases can provide the individual with beneficial advice moving forward. Additionally, an experienced defense lawyer can assist him or her in not making any further statements or creating new evidence and help the individual take proactive steps to begin preparing the defense.

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