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Alcohol and Drug Mix DUI Penalties in Alexandria

In Alexandria, Virginia, DUI drug and DUI alcohol cases are prosecuted very much the same way. They’re both punishable by up to twelve months in jail and $2,500 fine, plus a one year loss of license. The way they prove the case is very similar. When there is the combination of alcohol and drugs in someone’s system that will be evidence that the person was impaired; it can be proven that way.

It is not tried that much differently than the DUI alcohol case or just the DUI drug case. Prosecutors bring in evidence to show the person is impaired in some way. The case is not tried too much differently. There is just the added evidence that isn’t present in any typical DUI alcohol case. Speak with an Alexandria drug DUI lawyer to learn more about a DUI charge involving both alcohol and drugs.

Penalties in Alexandria

They are all punishable by up to 12 months in jail, a $2,500 fine, and a twelve month loss of the driver’s license. The actual punishment at the end of the trial could vary greatly depending on whether an Alexandria judge or a jury sentences the person.

The judge or jury has a broad discretion to sentence the person however they want. There is no real set outcome every single time. A judge or jury will probably be more concerned that someone is under the influence of both drugs and alcohol leading them to sentence more harshly.

Prescription Drug and Alcohol Mix

If someone had taken both a prescribed drug and alcohol that ends up impairing the person’s ability to drive, they can be convicted of a DUI drug or alcohol-related offense even if the drugs are prescribed or even for one glass of wine. That affects each person differently. If a person drives after having a glass of wine plus a legally prescribed drug and it impaired their ability to drive, their coordination, speech, and things of that nature, then, yes, a person can be convicted.

Examples of How an Alcohol and Drug Mix DUI Might Happen

A lot of innocent behavior results in a DUI drug and alcohol related offense in Alexandria even though the person thinks they are doing nothing wrong by having one glass of wine and taking legally prescribed drugs. That can result in a DUI drug and alcohol related even though the person’s intent was just to have one glass of wine.

However, it is the individual’s responsibility when they are taking legal drugs to know the interaction that it has with alcohol. A person cannot be completely absolved of responsibility when they have a glass of wine after taking prescription drugs. Most drugs that are prescribed have warnings that they do have some interaction with alcohol.

In theory, a person could innocently not be aware of the reaction that alcohol and drug will have on their system. Someone can innocently have a glass of wine and think they are okay and the combination can affect them worse. If the person can’t continue driving after that impact and they do not pull over immediately, they can be convicted initially of this offense. In such cases, the advice of an experienced Alexandria DUID lawyer will come in handy.

Litigating Alcohol and Drug Mix Alexandria DUIs

They are litigated exactly the same as any other DUI case. An Alexandria prosecutor’s only concern is whether the person is driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or drugs, or alcohol. They’re not really concerned with the person’s intent. Most people drink alcohol and think they can get behind the wheel and they will be fine. It is not as much an intent thing where something is mixed up.

The prosecutor is only really concerned whether the person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. So, they’re prosecuted much in the same way. They’re punished much in the same way.

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