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Prosecution of Alexandria DUI Drug Cases

When a person is pulled over for driving under the influence of drugs, the first thing the officer does is approach the car and ask for their license and registration. He makes observations of the person at that time to see if they can get their license and registration appropriately, whether they follow instructions, if their eyes are glassy and watery.

Should the police officer feel someone might be under the influence of drugs, the prosecution begins. Speak with an experienced Alexandria drug DUI lawyer to learn more about how local officials treat these charges.

Getting Charged With Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

When a person gets pulled over by an Alexandria police officer and the officer suspects the person is under the influence of drugs, he will ask the person to step out and perform the field sobriety tests.

If someone requests an Alexandria DUI drug attorney at that time, the officer does not have to get them an attorney immediately. He can continue with his investigation, even if the request for an attorney is made by the driver. They typically have the person perform some field sobriety tests, ask some questions, and after that make the determination whether there’s probable cause to arrest the person.

If the officer arrests the person for driving under the influence of drugs, typically they will take them to a hospital to have their blood drawn so it can be analyzed. If the person requests an attorney during this period, the officers do not have to get them an attorney. They are not required to do so. After that, they take the person back to the station and formally arrest them.

The person goes through booking, which is usually at a detention center or jail. The person is searched again and placed into custody. They are not usually released until bond is set by a magistrate or the person is sober enough to go home.

Once they are home, they can contact a Alexandria DUID attorney at that time, but not until that point. Police typically do not have to allow a person to contact an attorney. Once they are released on bond, their next court day is for arraignment. They can talk to an attorney from the time of release until their arraignment date.

Case Process for DUI Drug Charge in Alexandria

An Alexandria prosecutor is going to take the case very seriously. They do not treat a drug-related DUI case lightly. They want people who have been driving under the influence of drugs punished. They are unlikely to make it any lesser offense. The person should not expect any kind of deferred finding or lack of a conviction at the end unless the case is tried and the person is acquitted.

It is important to know that the prosecutors take them seriously and also know that the judges take them seriously as well. Alexandria judges do not like DUI drug related cases. They punish them harshly and people are often found guilty of these offenses when they go to trial.

A person should also know that if there is a result of drugs in their system, that evidence can be used to infer that they are under the influence. It is valid evidence to show that the person was under the influence at the time of driving.

If there is a certificate of analysis showing certain drugs in the person’s system, it can be used against them at trial. It can be an evidence that the person was under the influence at the time of driving even though the blood was taken an hour and a half later.

The person can also expect that if they are convicted with the offense, they can lose their license for one year. They could be facing active jail time up to twelve months and could face a fine of up to $2,500. Plus, they will be required to take some kind of drug rehabilitation to address any concerns of the court.

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