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How Alexandria DUI Charges Affect Employment

The impact that a DUI can have on a person’s employment is going to differ depending on the type of job that they have, whether or not someone’s job requires them to have a completely clean criminal record, with no criminal convictions, or whether they require them to have no arrests. If someone drives as part of their employment, the risk of losing their job is very high. As such, it is vital for someone facing a DUI charge or conviction to consult with a local DUI lawyer, who can help them address their concerns and protect their employment.

Alexandria DUI Arrest Record

A DUI arrest record can have a very negative effect on a person’s employment prospects. Arrest records are available to the public in Alexandria at the Central Booking Area and at the Courthouse in Alexandria. Anyone can look up to see whether or not someone has been arrested in Alexandria. If they have been arrested, it is easy for someone to find out simply by looking up the individual’s name.

Dealing With an Arrest Record

If someone’s charges are dropped, dismissed or they are found not guilty; then they can move to have their arrest record expunged. An expungement means that the entire record is actually deleted from the system.

In Alexandria, they can have their records sealed if the offenses were committed as a juvenile. When a record is sealed, the record still exists in the system. A sealed record is not available to the public. In rare instances a record is unsealed for review by the court. If someone is found not guilty of a DUI, the arrest record is still available to the public. A petition for expungement of the arrest record must be filed, if that motion is granted; then the arrest record will be taken out of the system.

Impact on Job Prospects in Alexandria

If a prospective employer in Alexandria sees a DUI on a person’s record, it will likely have a negative impact on their chances of securing the job. Employers want to ensure that any future employee does not have a potential substance abuse problem. A DUI charge is seen as indicative of a substance abuse problem. A DUI charge carries a very large stigma of substance abuse because it is thought that somebody who would drive under the influence is doing so because of a lack of self-control. Somebody who is assumed to have a drinking problem is not somebody that most employers want to hire. Someone who is assumed to have a problem with substance abuse, specifically with alcohol, is presumed to be lazy and unreliable.

Explaining a DUI Record

Someone with a past DUI will not always have the chance to explain their DUI record to a prospective employer. There are times when there is an initial screening process and employers see a DUI arrest or conviction; and that alone is enough to disqualify the person from the position. Most employers will not then give them the opportunity to explain their record.

Impact on Current Employment

If someone is already employed, getting a DUI conviction can get them in trouble. Employers take DUI charges very seriously. Often people are hired under the condition that they do not have any criminal offenses, and that they do not acquire any criminal offenses or criminal record during the course of their employment. In other situations, especially in cases where part of their employment is maintaining security clearance, a criminal conviction and/or DUI conviction could cause them to lose security clearance. They may not be able to renew security clearance due to a DUI conviction. Without a security clearance it is possible that they would lose their job, if they need a clearance to perform their duties.

Government and Private Employers

Government employers in Alexandria take DUI charges very seriously. A DUI can indicate to them that not only has this person been charged with a crime, but also that they are charged with a crime related to substance abuse, giving the implication that the person has a serious substance abuse problem. It could also indicate other negative factors relating to employment and it gives government employers pause to consider employing somebody who is facing charges involving these negative indicators.

In the private sector, it depends on what type of job a person has and what type of security clearance they are required to maintain for their job. Certain levels of security clearance will require them to not have any arrests, in addition to not having any convictions. While others will require that there are no substance abuse related charges. A DUI is considered a substance abuse related charge. If an individual drives for a living, having a DUI on your record could have an extremely negative effect on their employment.

Background Checks

Government employers in the area often run background checks. They are usually mandated by various governing statutes to frequently conduct employee background checks. If a person has a security clearance, there are various periods of renewal where their clearance has to be re-evaluated and a background check will be conducted again.

In the private sector, there are also many employers who do frequently run background checks, and usually this is because of security clearance requirements. Often, employers want to make sure that they are employing people that are reliable and free of the constraints of substance abuse, criminal convictions or even pending criminal matters.

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