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Impacts of a DUI Arrest in Alexandria

A DUI arrest can have numerous negative effects on somebody’s life. First, there is the time that is taken away from your life to deal with the implications of the entire criminal process. You would have to deal with the financial and emotional burdens of getting bailed out. You would also be on the hook with the court as far as paying bail, so you have to have that money or ask your family to get that money.

Something else that people do not think about that can be expected is the fact that if you are charged with a DUI, you might have to do some kind of alcohol or substance abuse program, or at least some type of probation even before you go to trial. The Court might monitor you, and having an Alexandria DUI lawyer early in the process will allow you to get a better understanding of exactly what you can expect, and how you are expected to comply with the court’s requirements before you go to trial.

Effect on Employment

Your employer might find out about your arrest. It is going to depend on what your reporting requirements are for your specific job, which is determined by your employer’s HR department and should be in your employee handbook. It also depends on whether your employer is running checks for arrest or whether you have the type of security clearance where your employer is constantly checking for new convictions. This is going to depend on your employer and what the requirements are of your job. In most cases, however, the Court or probation will not notify your employer directly.

Returning Home if Out-of-State

If you are from another state or other country and are arrested for DUI in Alexandria, whether you can return home is going to depend on the conditions of your bail or your bond. Some bonds might allow you to leave the state or country. Others might allow you to travel, but you will have to come back to face the charges in Virginia.

Getting a License in Another State

Your DUI in Alexandria could impact your ability to get a license in another state. It depends on what that state’s requirements are for licensing, which varies state by state. If you are being charged with a DUI and you are found not guilty, it would be a lot less likely that there would be a problem to get a license in another state. If you have a DUI pending in Virginia, that might cause a problem as far as applying for a license in another state. If you are found guilty of DUI, your privilege to drive in Virginia will be suspended for 12 months. You will not be able to get a license in another state during this suspension period.

Impact on Insurance Costs

Your insurance company might find out about your arrest. What you tell them is going to depend on what your insurance company requires. Most insurance companies require you to inform them of any drug conviction. Others ask that you inform them of any driving offenses that are pending. It depends on the requirements of your insurance company, but for the most part, you only have to tell them if you’re convicted.

Meeting with a Lawyer

To determine who should be made aware of your arrest, your DUI attorney is going to need to know what type of job you have and maybe what type of HR reporting requirements you have. If you have security clearance, what type of security clearance it is? A lot of other factors go along with that, such as whether you are currently on probation for something else and you’ve been arrested for this DUI. Who and what you have to tell is going to depend a lot on the circumstances of your specific case and employment.

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