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What Happens to Your Car After an Alexandria DUI Arrest

When a person is arrested for a DUI in Alexandria, usually the person’s vehicle is impounded. What that means is that the police take custody of the vehicle, search it, and then have it towed to an impound lot. The arrestee must pick up the vehicle at the impound lot and pay a fee to retrieve their vehicle.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Alexandria and your car has been impounded, it is very important to contact an experienced Alexandria DUI lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that you understand the legal process ahead of you, and know what next steps to take. The penalties that can result from a DUI can be serious, so it is crucial to have a strong defense on your side to help you through your case.

Retrieving Your Car

When a person retrieves their car, they need to bring their license or some other form of ID proving that they have the ability to drive and ownership of the vehicle, as well as proof of insurance. Usually, that means the title of the vehicle in addition to a state driver’s license. If a person is held in custody at the jail and there is no other joint owner of the car to pick it up, the impound lot may requires an affidavit from the owner giving another person permission to pick it up. A defense attorney can assist in this process.

What to Expect at a Tow Lot

Prior to picking up their car, a person can expect that it will be searched. This is important because if there is any kind of contraband in the vehicle, it will lead to the police charging the individual with another crime. The search is called an Inventory Search, and it is standard procedure when somebody’s vehicle is impounded.

If the officer that searched the car found a bag of illegal substances, those substances will be put into evidence and another charge will be brought against the individual who owns the vehicle.

Benefits of Having a Lawyer

Having an experienced DUI lawyer by your side when your vehicle has been impounded after your arrest has advantages.

First, a DUI defense attorney will be able to facilitate the process of picking up your vehicle by finding out where it is being kept and what needs to be paid to the impound lot so that a person or a family member may pick up the vehicle.

That lawyer can advise you about what you can expect from the process and they can help your family members recover your vehicle. They can also help you understand what other charges, if any, you may be facing based on what is in your vehicle. In addition, they can help prepare you for the court processes related to those new charges, as well.

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