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Alexandria DUI and Security Clearance

There are many jobs in Alexandria and the DC area which require the employee to hold a security clearance. A criminal record of any sort can sometimes negatively affect these security clearances. If an individual is charged or convicted of a DUI in Alexandria, that can definitely affect a security clearance, whether it is one that is already held, or one that the individual is seeking to acquire. If a person has been charged with a DUI and fears that it will affect their clearance, and so their employment, they should consult with an Alexandria DUI lawyer, who can work with them to mitigate the consequences of their charge, including the potential impact on their security clearance.

Obtaining Security Clearance

Security clearances are commonly required for Alexandria area employees. This is because security clearances are necessary to work in various aspects of the federal government. The government employs many people in Alexandria and the DC area. Security clearances are required for both government employees and for private contractors who work with information of a more sensitive nature or work with certain departments of the government.

When an individual has a DUI on their record it greatly affects their ability to get security clearance or to obtain security clearance. If the security clearance requires that they have no criminal conviction, a DUI conviction would certainly disqualify them. If their security clearance is used to screen for possible substance abuse problems a DUI may prevent them from obtaining security clearance.

Maintaining Current Clearance

If someone already has a security clearance, receiving a DUI charge or conviction could impact them because it could prevent them from renewing their security clearance or cause them to lose their security clearance depending on what level of clearance they have.

If someone loses their security clearance, it could certainly jeopardize their employment, especially if the conditions of their employment require them to have a security clearance in order to perform their job. If their day-to-day duties necessitate a security clearance, if they deal with sensitive material, or if they deal with other government entities that require security clearances and they lose their security clearance, they are no longer able to perform the duties of their employment and they will probably not continue to have that job.

DUI Defense Strategies

Some strategies that an individual and their attorney can utilize would be to try to work it out with the prosecutor so that the charge will have the least impact possible on the accused individual’s life and employment.

If the individual does not want their attorney to take their case to trial, their attorney can sometimes help them find a creative solution to their DUI. Perhaps, a plea deal to another type of charge that would not be substance abuse related is the best possible outcome. The individual and their defense attorney may also work out another type of alternative outcome, depending on the facts of their case.

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