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Stigma Related to Alexandria DUI Convictions

You will not always have a chance to explain your DUI record due to the unfortunate social stigma related to Alexandria DUI convictions. The fact that you have a DUI conviction may make potential employer decide to go with a different candidate.

Other employers will want to talk to you about the circumstances surrounding your DUI, but you should not count on that. Many employers will simply not consider you due to the fact that you have a DUI conviction.

Therefore, it can be critical to speak with an experienced drunk driving attorney about the potential impact of convictions on employment.

What Message Does a Conviction Send to Potential Employers?

The impact of stigma related to Alexandria DUI convictions is if a prospective employer that sees the DUI conviction on someone’s record may consider the stigma attached to the DUI conviction.

Depending on the circumstances of the DUI, the individual might have also done time in jail, meaning, their fingerprints are going to be in the system. A prospective employer is also going to consider the situation surrounding the DUI.

Understanding the Stigma Related to Drunk Driving Offenses

The stigma and the idea that an individual convicted of a DUI is likely to have substance abuse problems is going to make it difficult for an employer in the intelligence world to be able to trust that person to not have substance abuse issues that might overlap into his or her job.

A prospective employer that sees a DUI might think the situations surrounding their DUI will impact the individual’s ability to perform their job adequately and their liability as a future employee.

Defining the Discretion of a Company

It might not seem fair but it is the employer’s discretion to choose somebody that they think that will be reliable. Somebody likely to have substance abuse issues is not the type of employee that most employers are looking for. They need somebody who is going to be reliable and able to do their job without the interference of some type of alcohol or substance abuse addiction.

Circumstances of Someone Already Employed

If the convicted individual is already employed, getting a DUI conviction can get them in trouble. Depending on what the conditions are of their employment and who they work for, the individual might have what is called reporting requirement.

They might be required, as part of their employment duties, to tell an employer about a DUI conviction. In that scenario, many employers will not allow somebody to continue working for them if they have a conviction like this.

Impact of a DUI on Security Clearance Requirements

Other employers require certain security clearances that will not be renewed if somebody gets a DUI conviction. Most cannot afford to have somebody who has access to sensitive information or who is in a position of great responsibility to continue working for them if they are suspected of having a drug or alcohol abuse problem.

A DUI conviction would lead to the suspicion that a problem of that kind exists. For many employers, the impact of stigma related to Alexandria DUI convictions can mean that the continuation of that employment status in jeopardy.

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