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Fraud encompasses a large number of offenses under Virginia law and can include things such as card fraud, contractor fraud, and tech fraud. With today’s rise in technology, the Internet has changed the spectrum of fraud cases by providing an additional venue or medium over which fraud can be committed. That includes an email scam or some other kind of scam done through a website. Each fraudulent crime involves a misrepresentation or misstatement of some kind that leads to a loss of money on the part of a victim. If accused, an individual should contact an Alexandria fraud lawyer as soon as they know they are being investigated or are charged. Having an experienced defense attorney involved early in the process can prevent the person from making mistakes in their case and ensure that a defense is built as soon as possible.

Fraud Investigations

The prosecution collects different kinds of evidence to investigate fraud cases. Very often there is technical data that can be collected in the case of a credit card fraud or some other fraud that leaves behind electronic evidence. Other evidence might be a video of a person attempting to do a fraudulent transaction. Witness testimony of the victim, other witnesses, and sometimes the statements made by the accused become evidence that a fraud attorney in Alexandria must defend against.

These kinds of crimes differ from DUIs, assaults, or other crimes in the way that they are investigated. Many times crimes are investigated by the police who arrive on the scene as a crime is or was just committed. They interview witnesses and collect evidence from the scene of different types of fraud such as credit card fraud and other crimes. A merchant or a victim may become suspicious that something happened and the police must go to collect the evidence, talk to the financial institutions, speak to other witnesses, and interview the accused to build their case. These are not as straightforward in terms of being predictable as some types of crimes which makes hiring an Alexandria fraud attorney important.

Mistakes to Avoid if Charged

The most common mistakes people make is talking to the police when they are being investigated or are approached by police about a crime. Many times people believe that if they cooperate, things will go better for them. They are even told by law enforcement that things will go easier or be better if they just confess. However, this is simply never the case. The constitution says that people have the right to not offer evidence that might incriminate themselves. A person, therefore, should always refrain from doing this.

Many cases are lost or won because someone makes a statement that incriminates them or incites suspicion when taken out of context. An individual’s statement can make them appear guilty when in fact they are not. Due to these factors, it is crucial that someone who is facing fraud charges contacts an experienced Alexandria fraud lawyer who will walk them through their case and help them build a strong defense.

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